Prediction for the match Milan – Bayern

January 30, 2020
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    Olympia Milan - Bayern -

    The team from Bayern defeated with a score 78:64 in the first round in Munich. In the Euroleague, the German club won 3-2.

    The team from Milan is the eighth having ten wins and 11 losses. The average proportion of scored to conceded – 76.7:79.0. List of players at the game start: point guard Sergio Rodriguez, defender Michael Roll, forwards Vladimir Mitsov and Luis Skola, and center Caleb Tarczewski.

    Forward Jeff Brooks and defender Ricardo Moraskini got injures. An exciting newcomer appeared in Milan – defender Kiefer Sykes. There are also experienced defenders Nemanja Nedovic, Amadeo Della Valle, and Andrea Chincharini. Messina’s team will have problems with forwards substitute. In the center, there is an almost equivalent substitute – Arturas Gudaitis, who has Paul Biliga behind. 

    Bayern is the 18th having seven wins and 14 losses. The average proportion of scored to conceded 75.0:83.1. The usual list of players at the game start: point guard Maodo Lo, defender Nihad Dedovic, forwards Vladimir Luchich and Danilo Bartel, and center Greg Monroe. The mighty crew with a massive advantage over the starter-players of Milan. Kostić has quality substitutes: defender Petteri Koponen, strikers Joshua Westis and Paul Zipzer, forward Matthias Lessor and center Leon Leon Radosevic. There is no equivalent substitute only for Lo. 

    Bet on total under 155.5 with a rate of 1.89.

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