Prediction for the match Toronto – Boston

December 25, 2019
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    Toronto - Boston - freesupertips

    Tomorrow at 19:00 Cyprus time, a match between the top teams of the East will begin.


    League rapes Canadians. The third match with almost no respite, how so? Let the guys breathe out already. They ground the Dallas on Sunday, flew into Indianapolis at night. They lost the Pacers. My handicap came in, and I was right, something was wrong with Brogdon, he missed the match. And now, returning home to the Christmas match against the Celtics. The infirmary is still full. They will not play Gasol, Siakam, Powell, Stanley Johnson. It will be a tough match.


    The Celts merged two matches in a row to the worst enemies in the East. But after that, they performed very well in Dallas. There was a lot of talk about the cool Mavericks. So “Dallas” led for three quarters. And it seems like it was going to a home victory over Boston. But the ending of the third quarter and especially the fourth turned the whole game upside down. The team included a tough defense with total exchange. And then Dallas is taken warm. After that, the “Celts” easily gutted the “pistons” and “hornets.” Tatum stuffed Charlotte with 39 points, the superstar is growing. But there are injuries, as Marcus Smart with an eye infection is still can’t help the team. Hayward only returned after a fracture of his arm and immediately went to the hospital with a leg. But it seems to be expected to appear in Toronto. 

    It was the Celts who won the first match in Boston, and they still look like a favorite. 

    Our prediction: TO (214)

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