Prediction for the match Ilya Ivashka – Kevin Anderson

January 20, 2020
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    Ilya Ivashka – Kevin Anderson

    Sportsmen’s shape

    Ivashka confidently qualified for this tournament. There were problems in the second round in the match with Kudla, but Ilya solved them and played great in the decisive set. He is in great shape.

    Anderson has returned after an injury and managed to show a high game level. We remember how he punched powerfully and accurately and played excellently on his pitch. Kevin has all the chances to return to his previous level.

    Previous game

    Ivashka played holistically and smartly in the final qualification spot. We saw an excellent attacking game and a strong defense. He succeeded in pitching on time and in passing the ball sharply. 

    Anderson had a tough match against Peer. He had to do all his best and catch up with the Frenchman. Kevin showed an incredible character and struggled for every ball.

    Our prediction

    Both Ivashka and Anderson play well at the start of the season. Kevin shows excellent games, pitches successfully, and feels court. Ivashka demonstrates an inferior game level, but he has all the resources to get better. Let’s not forget that it can be hard for Anderson to maintain a high level of play throughout the match. 

    Bet on: Total over 35.5 for 1.9

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