Pogba not Manchester United boss Solskjaer’s property, says Raiola

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February 18, 2020
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    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Paul Pogba

    Paul Pogba has had two operations on ankle injuries this season

    Paul Pogba is not Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s property, says his agent Mino Raiola.

    The France midfielder, 26, is recovering from ankle surgery but Raiola has suggested he could return to former club Juventus in the summer.

    Solskjaer responded by saying he had not spoken to Raiola and that “Paul is our player and not Mino’s”.

    In a post on social media, Raiola then said he hopes the Norwegian is not suggesting “Paul is his prisoner”.

    Raiola added: “Paul is not mine and for sure not Solskjaer’s property, Paul is Paul Pogba’s.

    “Before Solskjaer makes comments about things I say he should inform himself better about the content of what has been said. ⠀

    “Until now I was maybe too nice to him. Solskjaer should just remember things that he said in the summer to Paul.

    “I think Solskjaer may be frustrated for different reasons and is now mixing up some issues. I think that Solskjaer has other things to worry about.”

    Pogba has only made eight appearances for United this season and just two since September, but Solskjaer says he is due back in training on Tuesday.

    His last appearance for Manchester United was as a substitute in the 4-1 win over Newcastle United on Boxing Day.

    Following United’s 2-0 win at Chelsea on Monday, Solskjaer said he did not “have to comment about Mino Raiola through the media, I can talk to him myself”.

    Asked if he would speak to the agent, Solskjaer added: “Probably not.”

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    Former Premier League striker Chris Sutton says it is up to Pogba to “straighten the whole matter out on where he stands”.

    “Why should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have to come out and answer questions because of what an agent has said?” Sutton told BBC Radio 5 Live.

    “Paul Pogba is a Manchester United player. He’s had opportunities this season to say ‘I am committed to Manchester United’.

    “He posts other stuff on Instagram but come out and tell us you’re committed to the club and you don’t want your agent talking for you, because that is how most people would see this situation – Mino Raiola is talking and representing Paul Pogba.”


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    February 18, 2020
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