Maurizio Sarri: Juventus boss angers Italian Post Office with ‘pressure’ comment

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February 13, 2020
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    Maurizio Sarri

    Juventus have lost two of their last three games under Sarri

    Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri appears to have upset the Italian postal service by saying if he wanted to avoid pressure he “would’ve taken a job at the post office”.

    The ex-Chelsea boss made the comments in a press conference on Wednesday, following successive away defeats.

    Poste Italiane has invited Sarri to experience a working day with them.

    “Contrary to what Mr Sarri claims, pressure does exist at the Post Office,” the company said.

    “It is responsible to citizens, businesses and public administrations.

    “Poste Italiane invites Mr Sarri to spend a few minutes of his precious time discovering that the Post Office is the largest company in the country, chosen by young graduates as one of the most attractive companies, recognised as one of 500 of the world’s first companies for quality of life at work.

    “We are waiting for him in one of our 15,000 centres so that he can see our daily work in person.”

    Sarri, a 61-year-old former banker, took over from Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus at the start of this season.

    However, the champions are facing a battle to retain their title as they sit second in Serie A, behind Inter Milan on goal difference.


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    February 13, 2020
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