How to bet on horse racing

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    From time immemorial, horse racing has excited the minds of people with the unpredictability of its results, the speed of events, and adrenaline received from watching.

    After the appearance of the first betting on horse racing, the minds of people exploded. The equestrian sport began to gather on the racetracks millions of people who wanted to bet on a horse, which (in their opinion) will win. The game has not lost its relevance to date. However, in this article, we will tell you how to bet on horse racing. Read carefully.

    In horse racing, it is better to stick to the proven strategies and bet on favorites. The odds are not high there, but outsiders almost never win the horse racing. To increase the odds, it is better to bet on two or three favorites in different races than to bet on an outsider and lose. But the choice is yours — check out the popular strategies and make your choice. 

    Why horse racing?

    Analyzing the horse racing is easier for someone who likes to «dig» in statistics and collect a lot of information from different sources on the Internet. Each race is analyzed in its own way, but in any case, the first place goes to the numbers — the number of wins, the date of the last race, the weight of the jockey, etc.

    horse racing

    How to bet on horse racing and win? Like any sport, horse racing has its favorites who win more often than others. It is necessary to watch such horses constantly, track their results and possible injuries, as most money on the races is made thanks to the favorites.

    There are many useful American resources where you can find coverage of the latest news, races of horses and their results, the position of individual participants in the overall ranking of the jockey Association, the calendar of tournaments, and much more.

    Knowing the important role in the results of the horse, you will understand how to bet on horses. For example, the work of a jockey with a horse and mutual understanding is the key to success. Pay attention to the weight of the jockey: if it is too large, the horse will find it harder to run; it can particularly affect the sprint distances when the starting speed is important.

    The weather has an impact on the results of racing, because the track in the rain is eroded and becomes viscous, which is an additional condition for the analysis. You need to take into account the weight of the horse and its results when racing in such conditions.

    Types of horse racing bets

    Many bookmakers offer players a wide variety of types of bets. Some bets are used less often, and others— more often. But there are several types of bets that are used with the greatest preference. You will learn more about how to make money on horse racing after learning the types of bets. So…


    If there is a clear favorite in the race, it is better to bet on it. To pick up the prize, you need to name the horse that will win the race and the one that will take second place. You can bet on the exact outcome or just name two riders who, in your opinion, will take the first two places. In the second case, you will have to make a double bet, since you have chosen two outcomes.

    Triple prediction

    How to choose winners in horse racing? It is better to choose triple prediction if you are sure of the winner but don’t know who will take second place. To bet on all outcomes, you will have to increase the amount six times, but if successful, the win will be great. 

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     You can bet that the horse will either take first place or get into the top three. This is a great bet: the probability of winning is high. However, don’t forget that you have to bet on each outcome, that is, betting not $100 but $200. To make the winning on this bet significant, you should choose a high coefficient, for example, 8.

    Who is higher?

    This is a very convenient type of bet. You don’t need to guess who will win or get into the top three. It is enough to choose two opponents and say which of them will show the best result. It makes sense to bet if there is a clear favorite or outsider. Although the coefficient will not be high, the win is almost guaranteed.

    Betting to Win

    Betting to Win is a bet on winning the race. Win is a type of bet in which you can choose one horse that, in your opinion, will take the first prize. This bet is offered first at the bookmaker’s office at the opening of the race and is simply denoted as “FOR” (Back). This type of bet is the main and most popular. Winning bets will take place only if the horse comes first in the race. Under all other circumstances, the bet will lose. Also, in this type of bet, you can bet AGAINST (Lay). The bet will only win if the horse you bet against doesn’t come first.

    Place Only Betting

    Place Only betting is a type of bet on any prize. The bet will win if the horse takes any prize in this race. The number of prize places depends on the number of horses participating in the race.

    As a rule, such distribution is applied:

    • 8 horses in the race — 2 prize places.
    • 8—14 horses in the race — 3 prize places.
    • over 14 horses in the race — 4 prize places.


    How to win in horse racing?

    In some bookmakers, the number of prize places is not subject to the general rules, so you need to look at the rules or FAQ of the bookmaker ( just in case). Typically, these data point to the line to the race. For example, a note «Place only: 3 places» means that 3 prizes will be awarded in this race.

    Horse Racing

    Show is a type of bet especially popular in North American horse racing. The bet wins if the horse finishes first, second or third. In these circumstances, only the first and second places will be considered as prizes in Place bets.

    Each—Way Betting

    Each Way (EW) is a bet type that represents two bets of the same size. One bet is calculated on the first place of the horse, and the second— on one of the prizes. Often, the second bet is determined by a ratio that is 1/4 or 1/5 of the clear winning odds.

    For example, if you bet $50 on EW on a horse with odds of 10, it means that you will bet $50 on the first place of the horse in the race and $50 on any prize place. If the horse doesn’t take the prize and both bets will lose, then you will lose $100.

    If the horse doesn’t receive the first prize but takes one of the prizes, the first bet will be a loser, and the second one— a winner with odds of 2.5, which is 1.4—10. If the horse comes to the finish line first, then both bets will win. The win of the first bet will be 50×10, and the win from the second bet will be added to it: 50х25.

    Across the board is a bet type somewhat similar to EW, but different in that it includes 3 bets at the same time: Win, Show, Place.

    Multiple bets

    There are also more complex combined bets, which can be played simultaneously on two races or more. They are considered unusual and exotic; therefore, they are used in bookmakers quite rarely. But how to win in the racing system? Read more below.

    Double (Win Double) is a type of bet called «express» where a choice is made of 2 horses that, in your opinion, will finish first in 2 different races.

    The game system called «Scrolling» or «Sparring Double» is used to ensure a win in this bet. In the first race, you choose the most likely winner (it is recognized favorite), then make a double bet on it.

     In the second race, you choose any horse (combining it with the first in the bet «Double»). In this case, if your favorite in the first race wins, you will automatically win Double. Double is a selection of winners of four races.

    Treble is a type of bet, which is similar to Double; however, you need to guess the three winners.

    Exacta is a type of bet on the first winner and a runner— up in one race. You will win on the condition that both horses will take prizes in exact accordance with your specified order. This type of bet has several subspecies— Straight Exacta, Exacta Box, or Exacta Wheel.

    Quiniela is a bet that is similar to Place but doesn’t require an exact prize position. In different countries, Quinella has its differences. The question arises: how to bet on horses in this case? In Canada, you must specify which of the horses will take the first and the second place. In the United States, you can simply list their numbers, but provided that more than 8 horses will take part in the race. If there are fewer of them, the Canadian version of the bet is applied. In New York, Quiniela is called Exacta, and it uses the system of scrolling.

    Trifecta is a type of bet on the first three prizes corresponding to the exact order of finishing of each horse.

    Features of betting on horse racing

    Young horses run sprints better. In order to understand how to win bets on the races, you always need to know the exact age of all the horses in the race and the length of the distance. The thing that young horses will start better and are more active in the beginning, so the sprint is always for them. If the distance is long, the experience comes to the fore, which means that older horses have an advantage.

    The rest time of the horses between races is always different. Don’t think that the horses always need a lot of time to recover after the race. Here the situation is as follows: after the races on long distance, a horse recovers quickly, and big breaks between the races can even harm it. If the same horse fled sprint, it would need more time on recovery (sometimes a month), so short distances are difficult for horses. 

    Horse Racing

    Now, you are familiar with several working strategies that can be safely used in betting on horse races. They should help you understand how to win the race and win at the bookmaker.

    How to pick winning horse

    Finding winners is something every race enthusiast wants to do, but some of them do the job better than others. So, how to win at horse racing? There is no formula for finding winners, but there are certain ways to find horses that really have a good chance of winning the race. There are ways to find horses that are unlikely to run well, and they are described in detail below.

    Movement (horse speed) is often described as the most important factor in horse racing. However, no matter how good the horse is, if the weather conditions on the day of arrival are bad, there is a high probability that the favorite horse will not run in the race (the hosts take care of it). The winner of the races is the best horse on a particular day in specific conditions (and not just hypothetically the best). And the course and the distance are the following two most important conditions that should be taken into account.

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    There are important movement considerations which are useful for those who want to know how to win horse racing bets.

    1. The fact that the horse shows a shape on softer surfaces does not mean that it will cope with a harder surface and vice versa.
    2. Some horses are very versatile and can successfully ride on any ground.
    3. If the horse ran poorly all the time, perhaps it is underestimated. It may turn out that she constantly met a certain type of soil, and it is likely that this particular soil is not suitable for a particular horse.
    4. Horses that previously ran on unfavorable land should be kept in mind when they get their favorite conditions — they can often be underestimated.


    The shape of horses can improve or worsen (run faster or slower) during the ride. But one of the biggest mistakes that can be made in betting on horse racing is the assumption that a horse that finishes its race must be forced to jockey and ride faster.

    How place a bet

    In some sports, you can bet blindly, relying only on the numbers and statistics. To learn how to win bets and earn on horse racing, it is better to watch the races live. You will see the manner of riding athletes, their tactics, and potential. You may be able to see the perspective of outsiders, in which no one believes yet.

    If you choose between going to the racetrack and watching the online broadcast, opt for the latter. You’ll see a close up of the whole race. If necessary, you can turn on the replay. You can go to the racetrack for the atmosphere, but you will not see the details there.

    Racetracks are one of the first places where bookmakers began to appear. Gambling observers made predictions on the winner. More experienced players developed their betting strategies and earned a lot of money. Today, you can bet on horse racing without leaving home. Although connoisseurs advise to come to the racetrack and enjoy the atmosphere at least once.

    How to bet on horses online

    Despite the huge popularity of this type of betting in the past, nowadays far from all bookmakers, there are horse races in the line of events. Nevertheless, it is easy to find a betting shop with betting on races, with a wide list of events and a live line, accepting bets on horses on favorable terms online, if desired.

    If the players want to make online bets on horse racing, they are looking for a reliable and proven bookmaker with good conditions. There you may not only bet on a favorable coefficient but also take a bet from another player. You can find any markets for horse racing, and there are very good conditions for betting in live mode.

    These bookmakers allow you to bet on attractive odds on a large number of events in horse racing, and at the same time, provide the opportunity to watch the broadcast of racing, which is important.

    Horse racing betting tips

    Check out the helpful tips to know how to win money at the races: 

    Find out the time of the previous race. Will the horse have time to recover? 

    The weight of the horses is evaluated in order to equalize the chances of the participants. They throw an additional burden on them, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. This skill comes with experience.

    Analyze the racetracks. There are routes with non— standard features, for example, sharp turns or rise at the finish. If the horse previously played on this track, this is an advantage

    Consider the type of racing:

    • smooth,
    • barrier (with obstacles),
    • trotting (in harness), and others.


    The number of participants of the race:

    • the smaller it is,
    • the easier it is to predict the winner.


    Examine the race card before making a choice. It is provided on the website of the bookmaker for each race. The table shows the shape of the horses, their weight, and other parameters.


    The racetrack is like a formula one track for racers. They know some of them better; other racetracks are more popular or just lucky. Successful horse racing bets require careful preparation and analysis. Consider the shape of the horse, but you cannot rely on one statistic. Take into account track coverage, horse age, and jockey experience. Remember that the weather affects the outcome of the race. Analyze the horse and rider together, not separately. In the race, consider all participants.

    Place two or three bets if you have not decided on a single favorite. Properly manage the bank, and you will earn on your knowledge.

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