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    Bets on the goal scorers are a part of the «family» of goal betting. They become more and more popular among the fans of betting.

    Bookmakers have noticed a lack of offers; therefore, they expanded their portfolios in this sector. Goalscorer betting refers to football (mainly). The betting program from the service providers can be very bright and diverse. We want to present you the possibilities of this form of betting in detail. Here we will show you what you need to know and how to benefit from the advantages of this form of betting. 

    What is goalscorer betting, and how it works? 

    Betting on points is a subcategory of betting on goals. These are bets of all kinds related to the goals scored by certain players. You can bet on the goalscorers in a particular match, on the competition champion, etc. In the last couple of years, development has shown one thing in the football business: because of the professionalism of the market and the great interest of the media and viewers, individual players are becoming more and more «in focus.» Not only clubs and teams, but also certain players attract the crowds of fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that betting on goal scorers is of great interest.


    goalscorer betting


    Besides, this form of betting provides excitement in every match to cheer the respective player. Absolute advantage: bets on points can be very profitable.

    Goal scorer bet types

    Modern bookmakers have unlimited imagination and creativity, which results in a large number of different types of bets offered. Beginners find it difficult to sort it out; their eyes run away, and the fear of rookie mistakes due to inexperience increases. We can assure you that after studying this article, you will become an expert in decoding bets. You will find out how to designate a particular outcome and under what conditions the goalscorer betting will be winning or losing.

    In general, the goalscorer betting strategies can make up an entire encyclopedia. Still, we have tried to create a short, accessible, and understandable guide for novice bettors, using which, everyone can study the most basic variations of betting in bookmakers in a short period. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Sports bets in a bookmaker’s office differ not only in the coefficients but also in the variants of outcomes on which they are made. Some bettors like simple single bets, while others prefer more complex ones.


    Many players prefer a single bet on the goalscorers to all other types of bets. These online bets allow you to choose only one outcome for a single event. For example, it can be an advantage of one team over another. The win is calculated by multiplying the amount of money bet by the current coefficient. All sports events presented in the line, without exception, have single bets.

    Sports betting with a handicap

    A significant number of games take place between the participants with different skill levels. For example, in football, it may be a meeting of the championship leader with the team that closes the standings. In this case, standard bets on football become unattractive, because there are very low odds on the victory of the favorite.

    Handicaps were invented to attract the attention of players. A handicap is set for a weaker opponent, which can be expressed in goals, minutes, or points. The result of the bet is determined, taking into account not only the official result of the game but also the handicap used.

    Risky accumulators

    Accumulators were created for the players who dream of significant winnings. Each accumulator is a combination of several outcomes of unrelated sporting events. It is not necessary that events take place within the same championship or sport.

    The resulting coefficient is calculated by multiplying the coefficients of all outcomes that make up the accumulator. As a result, you get a quite a significant figure, allowing you to count on an unusually large win.

    To win the accumulator, all the outcomes included in it should be implemented. Otherwise, online bets are declared lost. That’s the main risk factor of accumulators: the more events it includes, the less likely it is that the player will guess all of them correctly. It is recommended to use only the options with the highest coefficients.


    Since any game ends with a result (the final score), the bookmakers can make a bet on the total number of goals scored and points earned. Football betting, where players are asked to predict how many goals both teams will be able to score, is particularly popular.

    Totals can be a multiple of 0.5 (for example, 2.5). In this case, the player bets that more/fewer goals than the total will be scored. Integer totals are also possible.


    Further development of accumulators is systems. Each system consists of several accumulators and, depending on their number, is characterized by dimension. For example, in the system «3×5» you need to win 3 out of 5 accumulators to win. Drawing up systems is quite exciting, but the risks for such bets are quite high.

    Double result

    An interesting variation of bets is the double result. The player makes a forecast not only for the entire game but also for the result of the first half. The number of available options for a football match is 9, so you have enough to choose from. The bet win is paid if the better correctly predicts the outcome of the first half and the whole game. This is not easy to do, but the increased coefficients compensate for the risk.

    How to pick goal scorer

    In a football match, strikers always got most of the attention. The most famous players we remember are strikers. Pelé, Alfredo di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás, and Ronaldo Nazário are the most popular names in football. They’re all strikers.

    The player can bet on the best scorer of Euro 2020 or the best scorer of the national team, as well as the name of the team that includes the best player (based on the number of goals scored). In addition, you can bet on the leader who will score the most goals with or without penalties.

    goal scorer

    Some bookmakers offer to compare players. For example, which scorer will show better results at Euro 2020: Griezmann or Sterling? To make the most accurate predictions and bets on the top scorer, you must take into account the player’s shape and the chances of the team to make it to the final.

    The role of strikers is of paramount importance. They are the ones who score the most goals and lead their team to victory. The main question is how to choose and bet on the top goal scorer of Euro 2020 so as not to lose. «Golden Shoe» will probably go to the scorer of the club that will be at the top of the tournament grid.

    We would like to note that the odds of the top scorer 2020 are constantly changing, so we advise you to check the websites of bookmakers constantly. Also, the best time to bet on the top scorer of Euro 2020 is at the beginning of the competition, when odds are highest.

    Euro 2020 top scorer: list of the favorites

    According to bookmakers, the main favorites of the World Cup 2020 are the national teams of France and England. The bookmakers have not yet determined the top scorer of Euro 2020, but we will offer you a list of favorites (from our point of view).

    Kylian Mbappé

    According to many people (and if you look at the Goal Scorer Bets of Euro 2020), the best young striker is Kylian Mbappé. He is only 19, but he already has the potential to become the best player in the world. The French star made his mark in the football world in 2016 when he helped Monaco win the Ligue 1 title.

    Soon after, he moved to «Paris Saint Germain.» At the 2018 World Cup, Mbappé was excellent and helped France win their second World Cup.

    Antoine Griezmann

    If you look at the forecasts and bets on the top goal scorer, you’ll see that Antoine Griezmann is one of the favorites who can become the top scorer of Euro 2020. He is 28 years old and one of the leaders of the French national team.

    Griezmann joined Atletico Madrid in 2014 as a winger. He was a star of France at Euro 2016 and significantly contributed to their World Cup triumph last summer.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Antoine Griezmann is a striker who is in his prime. He completes attacks perfectly and can play in the center of the attack. Also, he has the skills of a playmaker.

    Robert Lewandowski

    Robert Lewandowski from the Bayern «Munich» is certainly one of the best strikers in the world. Despite the fact that he is 31, he is still the top scorer of the Bundesliga. This season, he took part in 31 games, scored 22 goals, and is one the main contenders for the «Golden Shoe» in the Bundesliga.

    Lewandowski was the Bundesliga’s top scorer in the seasons of 2014—15 and 2015—16, as well as the top scorer in Euro 2016 qualification with 13 goals in his matches for Poland.

    Raheem Sterling

    According to Pep Guardiola, Raheem Sterling is ready to become one of the best players in the world, but first, he needs to improve the result of his attacks. If you ask us who will be the top scorer of Euro 2020, our answer will be Sterling. He is 25 years old, and the best time to show how good he is Euro 2020.

    Romelu Lukaku

    When last summer Inter paid a record € 65 million for the 26—year—old Belgian, it seemed that the Nerazzurri overpaid. However, Romelu Lukaku proved the opposite with his game.

    Lukaku set a record by taking a double in the match against Napoli in the 18th round of Serie A. He already has 14 goals scored in the current Serie A. In the history of Inter, no one has managed to score so many goals after 18 rounds.

    Goalscorer betting tips

    Professional players recommend evaluating the bookmaker on several parameters:

    1. Reliability. If the bookmaker has been present on the market for 20—30 years, that’s a good sign. However, if the office was founded only a few years ago, you should read the information on the analytical sites and clients’ feedbacks.
    2. Line of bets and action line of the selected sport. Some bookmakers specialize in football, others in hockey, and still others— in basketball or eSports. The ideal bookmaker for beginners should offer good odds, an extensive line, and a detailed action line.
    3. Promotions and bonuses. An important criterion for beginners is the bonus program of the bookmaker. Most companies offer a bonus when you register or make your first deposit. In most cases, this is a doubling of the deposit amount or free bets for a similar amount.

    On the Internet, you can find information about all bookmakers. Specialists advise you to contact the top offices that have proven themselves in the market.


    Make bets on the events only if you’re sure of their outcome. At the same time, you shouldn’t focus only on the odds of bookmakers: they don’t always reflect reality. Beginners can bet on the events that have a clear favorite. And even in this case, you should look at the statistics of the previous joint matches: perhaps, this outsider team is a «tough nut» for the tournament leader. However, the chances of winning sports betting on the favorite are much higher than when the teams are equal.

    Following the goalscorer betting tips and the chosen strategy, you will learn not to lose on sports betting

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