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    The best NBA players are known even outside the basketball world. During the existence of the league, the greatest players in history played here, and almost anyone in the world knows who Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are. The association is the leading men’s professional basketball league and one of the four major professional sports leagues in the USA and Canada. NBA players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

    Players from all over the planet tend to get there to find out their true level. We made a rating of NBA best players 2019, based on the results of the last NBA season.

    20. Nikola Vucevic

    Nicola spent the best season in 7 years in the NBA, again put Orlando to the playoffs and participated in the All-Star game. Thereafter he signed a new $100 million contract for over 4 years, well-rested, and started a new 2019/2020 season full of ambitions and plans. Vucevic is one of the most productive and effective NBA big men which means many interesting upcoming moments.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 30.9 GM
    • 16.9 PTS
    • 11.4 REB
    • 3.4 AST

    19. Domantas Sabonis

    Domantas is still far from the achievements of his great father, and it is unlikely that he will ever be able to reach them. But the progress of Sabonis Jr. is obvious. Coming to the NBA as Gonzaga University freshman (and the 11th pick of the draft 2016), the Lithuanian spent the weak season in Oklahoma, but he fitted into Indiana, becoming one of key Pacers players and gaining almost double-double on average during the last regular season what made him one of top NBA players.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.3 MIN
    • 18.0 PTS
    • 13.3 REB
    • 3.8 AST

    18. Dennis Schröder

    The magnificent dark-skinned German sometimes plays as absurd as he looks. But this is more from an excess of desire than from a lack of talent or techniques. Schroeder himself is a diversified playmaker with a good pass and good organizational skills, which he clearly showed both in Atlanta and Oklahoma.

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    But the main thing is that Dennis has enough ambitions and motivation, allowing him to jump above his head sometimes. And at the same time, he is dragging his less skillful partners.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 29.6 MIN
    • 17.0 PTS
    • 3.7 REB
    • 3.5 AST

    17. Danilo Gallinari 

    Gallinari is a good example of the fact that gaining 16 PPG for 11 years in the NBA you can still remain just a good player but not a star or a club leader for fans. This is, to be honest, unfair. Danilo is full of flaws, but his attacking skills and hard work are his strong points making him one of the best NBA players 2019. Gallinari is one of the main reasons why the very modest Clippers team managed to enter the playoffs in the strong West in the previous season!

    Danilo recently had an appendectomy, but the surgery was successful, and he should fully recover in the near future.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 30.5 MIN
    • 17.8 PTS
    • 5.8 REB
    • 2.2 AST

    16. Kemba Walker

    With all due respect to Chris Middleton and Kyle Lowry, they do not reach the Walker level. In recent years, Kemba has become one of the league’s best playmakers. Twice was declared as the best teammate (according to a survey of all NBA players), in the last season, he entered the third symbolic team, scored 25.6 points and 5.9 assists for Charlotte.

    The Hornets didn’t want to give their leader 160 million in 5 years, but his talents would certainly be in demand at Boston.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 32.3 MIN
    • 23.1 PTS
    • 4.2 REB
    • 5.3 AST

    15. Ricky Rubio

    Once he was the brightest junior of the planet but did not fully meet all expectations. Everyone saw Ricky as an NBA superstar, but he never appeared in the All-Star Game, did not become a leader in any club. Nevertheless, Rubio is still an elite defender from top NBA players 2019: maybe with a terrible shot, but with a non-standard vision of the basketball court, with the ability to organize an attack, find partners with fantastic passes, and not forgetting about hard defense work.

    Plus, at 28, he is already an experienced veteran, ready to help with advice and give a motivating kick if necessary.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 31.9 MIN
    • 13.1 PTS
    • 4.8 REB
    • 9.5 AST

    14. Rudy Gobert

    The fact that the center of Utah has not yet played in the All-Star Game is one of the league’s main injustices. True, it is partially offset by a prize to the best defensive player of the NBA, which he receives two consecutive seasons. Long-armed Gober is a nightmare of any opponent falling there under Rudy’s juicy block shot. His ability to work on rebounds and steals still surprises both fans and experts.

    A lanky, thin Frenchman is least of all like an impenetrable pillar of defense, he is not bodybuilder, Dwight Howard or, moreover, Shaquille O’Neill. However, Gober fully compensates for the lack of power with technology, speed, and the main thing, with dedication.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.2 MIN
    • 14.6 PTS
    • 13.9 REB
    • 1.6 AST

    13. Nikola Jokić 

    They took Jokic at the 2014 draft, pick 41, and a lot of people thought that Denver took unjustified risks, and the prospects for a thin, not athletic and not too technical center in the NBA were extremely vague. Now Nicola is one of the best big men of the league, a participant in All-Star Game 2019 and a member of the first symbolic national team following the results of the regular season. His progress is so astounding that the fans continue to be amazed at the insight of the Nuggets office.

    It’s easy to understand now that at that talent fair, Jokic was to go to the top 2 with Embiid! In 80 regular-season games, Nicola got 12 triple-doubles and became equal in number with the legendary Michael Jordan and John Hawlichek to his career having a great potential for becoming one of the top 10 NBA players 2019.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 31.4 MIN
    • 17.0 PTS
    • 10.2 REB
    • 6.5 AST

    12. D’Angelo Russell

    Shooting Guard D’Angelo Russell was the first time invited to the All-Star Game last season. Actually, last season, D’Angelo showed significant progress: earned the best career stats and became the team’s main player. Russell came from the Lakers being a talented but uncertain young point guard. For two years in Brooklyn, he became the team leader and brought the Nets to the playoffs for the first time since the 2014/15 season.

    At the end of the championship, D’Angelo was nominated for the Most Progressive Player Award but lost to the future NBA champion in Toronto Pascal Siakam. The successful season did not convince Brooklyn bosses to leave Russell on the team, and the defender was traded for injured Kevin Durant in Golden State.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 31.1 MIN
    • 21.8 PTS
    • 3.2 REB
    • 6.2 AST

    11. Kevin Durant

    Most likely, we will no longer see the very Kevin Durant, who was the most dangerous player in the history of basketball. The rupture of the Achilles tendon will definitely divide his career into before and after. The NBA has not yet seen so much attacking power in one person. It was impossible to close Durant, also he was extremely effective in defense.

    Two of his champion titles at Golden State and two MVP in the final series may remain the only big rewards in the league. His potential undoubtedly was the top 10 NBA players of all time.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.6 MIN
    • 26.0 PTS
    • 6.4 REB
    • 5.9 AST

    10. Damian Lillard

    Lillard became the hostage of the place where the Trail Blazers are based. Portland is a small city by the standards of the United States, located in the cold northwest of the country. Therefore, NBA stars do not even consider the Blazers to continue their careers, preferring wealthy New York or sunny California. At the same time, to be a competitive team in the Western Conference, you need to show phenomenal basketball. This is what Lillard does.

    In the last season, Damian brought Portland to the conference finals for the first time since the 1999/2000 season. Last year was the most productive in the career of the defender. He set personal records for the total number of points scored in the regular season and the playoffs and rightfully entered the Second National Team of all NBA stars. It is not surprising that Blazers managers, without a second thought, offered a huge $196 million contract to their leader which deservedly is one of NBA best players 2019.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 36.7 MIN
    • 26.5 PTS
    • 4.3 REB
    • 7.6 AST

    9. Paul George

    According to the 2018/19 season results the forward claimed two awards, The most valuable player and Defensive player of the year, at once. But Paul did not receive any of them. The reason is Oklahoma was defeated by Portland, led by Lillard. George is higher than Lillard in our ranking due to the best personal indicators. George spent his best season in his career, a few years after a terrible injury that nearly ended his career.

    The forward became the steal leader of the NBA (2.2 on average per game) and the second in the Association in terms of the number of points scored in the regular season (2159).

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 30.2 MIN
    • 24.7 PTS
    • 5.9 REB
    • 3.7 AST 

    8. Russell Westbrook

    Well, what is the top 10 NBA players 2019 without Russell Westbrook and his triple double on average for the season? Westbrook became the triple double leader of the Association: 34 in 73 matches. Such productivity allowed Russell to get a unique achievement in his career for the third time. He got a triple double on average per game (23 PPG – 11.1 RPG – 10.7 APG).

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    Despite the statistical achievements of the point guard, Oklahoma took off again in the first round of the playoffs, losing to Portland. In the offseason, Westbrook was traded to Houston.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.8 MIN
    • 22.8 PTS
    • 8.1 REB
    • 7.2 AST

    7. Joel Embiid

    Joel Embiid possesses one of the best NBA ring skills today. He is an elite level dominator under the backboard. He has a whole package of tricks: hook throws lay-ups, feints, and dunks. Embiid throws pass objectively estimating the situation, an average of 3.5 assists per game, which is still great for a big man. Joel Embiid’s defensive play is not appreciated. He can close everything down to the perimeter and leave other guards out of work.

    Embiid is able to keep any opponent under the ring, including a more powerful one. He is an annual NBA Defensive Player nominee.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 30.9 MIN
    • 22.7 PTS
    • 12.6 REB
    • 3.3 AST 

    6. Stephen Curry

    None of the Golden State Warriors did more than Curry so Kevin Durant could join the team. The current two-time MVP scores 25.9 points with 48.9% shot accuracy (40.1% three-point shots), 5.8 assists, 4.0 rebounds, takes 5.5 free throws per game and makes 1.8 interceptions on average per game. The numbers look fantastic, especially Stephen’s shooter abilities are impressive. His name deserves to be on the list of the best NBA players. First, he changed the Warriors play, and then the whole world began to play in his style.

    It seems that we have not yet fully understood the impact of this guard on the game. Unfortunately, he was injured at the end of October playing against the Phoenix and should be out in a few months.

    5. Anthony Davis

    Davis is an outstanding talent due to his size and skill set. He is tall, athletic and very dexterous, which allows him to defend at the pick and roll and dominate the rebound in defense. Davis is also a block shot master with an average of 2.0 per game. Anthony is the first Lakers player with 50+ points and 5+ assists in one game since Kobe Bryant in 2006.

    He was the first NBA player to score more than 20 shots per game, scoring at least two-thirds of them and adding 10+ accurate free throws after Alex English in November 1985.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.7 MIN
    • 27.4 PTS
    • 9.3 REB
    • 3.3 AST

    4. James Harden

    Harden became the most valuable player in 2018 and was close to this title last season. James became the Association’s most successful player and NBA best players 2019, scoring a phenomenal 2818 points in 78 matches (36.1 on average per game). He became the player of the week 4 times and thrice the player of the month in the incredibly competitive Western Conference and rightfully entered the First National Team of all NBA stars.

    In the second round of the playoffs, Harden’s Houston lost to the current two-time NBA champions the Golden State, who at that time were still in the optimal composition (Durant and Thompson were not injured).

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 37.8 MIN
    • 38.9 PTS
    • 6.0 REB
    • 7.4 AST

    3. Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Giannis became NBA last season’s MVP. Being one of the best NBA players 2019 the Greek forward became the most effective player in the Association, ahead of Harden (30.9 for Giannis versus 30.6 for James). In the race for the MVP, Giannis dominated throughout the championship: he was voted 6 times as a player of the week and 4 times as a player of the month of the Eastern Conference. At 24, Antetokounmpo is good not only in attack but also in defense. Everyone knows what he can do in the attack, but his defensive contribution is insanely good.

    Everything is pretty simple. Giannis relies on his athleticism and size. He can move as a backline player while having a swing of the arms of the center.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 31.2 MIN
    • 31.7 PTS
    • 12.8 REB
    • 5.3 AST

    2. LeBron James

    Having moved from Cleveland to the Lakers, and thus finding himself in a stronger Western conference, LeBron was unable to bring Los Angeles to the playoff series. Due to recurring injuries, James spent only 55 games where he scored 1,505 points (the lowest result in his career). He was never even declared as a Player of the Week, and at the end of the season, he entered only the Third National Team of top NBA players. Nevertheless, LeBron is probably the most versatile basketball player in history.

    After his arrival in the league, each coach wants five such players to join his team. And after all, LeBron can really play in any of the positions, both defensive and attacking. He was the absolute leader of each of the teams he played for.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 34.8 MIN
    • 25.8 PTS
    • 7.5 REB
    • 10.6 AST

    1. Kawhi Leonard

    Unlike the first championship with San Antonio, when Kawhi earned the MVP of the final series largely due to his excellent defense against LeBron James, this time Leonard was the attack leader. In the 2018-2019 playoffs, he scored 30.5 points on an average. In the year of victory of the Spurs, this average was only 14.3 points.

    Despite being successful with Toronto and appearing among NBA best players 2019, Kawhi did not prolong the contract with the Canadian club and moved to Los Angeles Clippers.

    Regular Season Stats:

    • 31.5 MIN
    • 25.5 PTS
    • 7.9 REB
    • 4.9 AST

    Career achievements of top NBA players 2019

    This top definitely won’t be completed without mentioning the regular season career achievements of the top 10 NBA players.

    Kawhi Leonard (2011-2019) 30.9 18.0 6.4 2.5
    LeBron James (2003-2019) 38.5 27.1 7.4 7.3
    Giannis Antetokounmpo (2013-2019) 32.6 19.5 8.5 4.2
    James Harden (2009-2019) 34.2 24.8 5.2 6.2
    Anthony Davis (2012-2019) 34.6 23.9 10.5 2.2
    Stephen Curry (2009-2019) 34.4 23.1 4.4 6.8
    Joel Embiid (2016-2019) 30.7 24.1 11.6 3.2
    Russell Westbrook (2008-2019) 34.5 23.0 7.0 8.4
    Paul George (2010-2019) 33.7 20.0 6.4 3.3
    Damian Lillard (2012-2019) 36.3 23.6 4.2 6.4

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