Football world cup winners history

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    FIFA World Cup is the largest international football competition between the national teams of FIFA member countries, which takes place every 4 years in a pre-selected host country. The World Cup is one of the most striking events for football fans and sports lovers. Football world cup winners, best players, and top goal scorers are met in their countries like national heroes.

    The football world cup history started in 1930 when the first World Cup was held in Uruguay. The most recent Mundial was in the summer of 2018 in Russia. The winner of the tournament was France, who won the Croats in the final.

    Football world cup winners history

    The last competition was marked by the domination of European teams. Only the Old World participants made their way to the semi-finals of the tournament. 

    Football world cup history

    Prior to the first World Cup, international football competitions were held at the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee prohibited professionals to participate in the Olympics. FIFA wanted to allow professional footballers, so the decision to hold the first World Cup outside the Olympics was made in 1928 at the FIFA Congress.

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    It is difficult to compare the game 90 years ago with current level events, but the championship aroused genuine interest. In total, 13 teams took part in the competition. In the final, the Uruguayan national team met with the team of Argentina and won making Uruguay footballers the first FIFAWorld Cup winners.

    Football world cup winners

    The national team of Brazil is the luckiest world football team. In 1970 they became FIFA club world cup winners for the third time in a row, having received the FIFA President’s Cup for permanent storage. In the same year, Brazilian Pele became the only player to win World Cup three times. And in 1994, Zagallo collected the largest collection of gold from all participants in the World Championships: as a player (1958, 1962), head coach (1970) and second coach (1994).

    Soccer world cup winners list is following.

    Date and venueWinnerRunner-upParticipants
    Uruguay, 1930UruguayArgentine13
    Italy, 1934ItalyCzechoslovakia16
    France, 1938ItalyHungary15
    Brazil, 1950UruguayBrazil13
    Switzerland, 1954West GermanyHungary16
    Sweden, 1958BrazilSweden16
    Chile, 1962BrazilCzechoslovakia16
    England, 1966EnglandWest Germany16
    Mexico, 1970BrazilItaly16
    West Germany, 1974West GermanyHolland16
    Argentine, 1978ArgentineHolland16
    Spain, 1982ItalyWest Germany24
    Mexico, 1986ArgentineWest Germany24
    Italy, 1990West GermanyArgentine24
    USA, 1994BrazilItaly24
    France, 1998FranceBrazil32
    Japan, Korea, 2002BrazilGermany32
    Germany, 2006ItalyFrance32
    South Africa, 2010SpainHolland32
    Brazil, 2014GermanyArgentine32
    Russia, 2018FranceCroatia32

    Top goalscorers in previous World Cups

    All the goals scored while World Cup are considered a real event. Over 2,000 goals were scored for the 70-year history of the competition. Some of the players were able to score 3 goals in the final stages of the World Cup, some 5.

    However, among FIFA World Cup champions are those who managed to score 10 or more goals. At the 1954 World Cup, Sandor Kosis, the forward of the Hungarian national team scored 11 goals, but in the next championship the Frenchman Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in 6 matches, what still remains a record. FIFA World Cup list of the best goal scorers is provided below.

    YearBest scorerCountryGoals
    1930Guillermo StábileArgentine8
    1934Oldřich NejedlýCzechoslovakia5
    1938Leônidas da SilvaBrazil8
    1950Ademir de MenezesBrazil7
    1954Sándor KocsisHungary11
    1958Just FontaineFrance13
    1962Vava, Garrincha, Flórián Albert, Leonel Sánchez, Dražan Jerković, Valentin Ivanov Brazil, Hungary, Chile, Yugoslavia, USSR4
    1966Eusébio da Silva FerreiraPortugal9
    1970Gerd MüllerWest Germany10
    1974Grzegorz LatoPoland7
    1978Mario KempesArgentine6
    1982Paolo RossiItaly6
    1986Gary LinekerEngland6
    1990Salvatore SchillaciItaly6
    1994Oleg Salenko, Hristo StoichkovRussia, Bulgaria6
    1998Davor ŠukerCroatia6
    2002Ronaldo Luís Nazário de LimaBrazil8
    2006Miroslav KloseGermany5
    2010Thomas MüllerGermany5
    2014James RodriguezColombia6
    2018Harry KaneEngland6

    Top World Cup nations

    All FIFA World Cup winners holding the largest number of victories were the footballers of the Brazilian national team (70 matches won), the most defeated were the Mexicans — 24. The largest number of defeats in the World Cup finals belongs to the German team — four. Among the teams that didn’t become a soccer world cup winner, the Holland team is on top. They lost three finals. The team of the Republic of Korea received the most goals during one tournament in 1954 (16 goals in two matches). Below is shown all time World Cup winners and runners-up list.

    CountryWinnerRanked 2nd

    The world of football never stands still. Every day some new ideas are invented, fresh ideas appear because the most popular sport is constantly improving. Football development projects, training programs for coaches, promotion of the coaching profession, analysis of modern methodological and tactical trends in advanced competitions move the sport to a completely new level.

    Highly qualified coaches contribute to the appearance of highly qualified football players, and this raises the quality standard in all of the world football making the World Cup even a more breathtaking, exciting and anticipated event.

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