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    League of Legends has established itself as the fastest growing online game, which combines role-playing elements and fast-paced strategy in real-time. Two teams of five players against each other, choosing heroes that have different skills and abilities. Their main task – to destroy the base of the opponent. Since 2011 the main tournament of LoL is World Championship. Every year a substantial prize fund attracts 16 of the best teams in the world to fight for the fortune. Betting is an integral part of this tournament, which attracts millions of gamers from different countries. 

    What types of bets  in League of Legends?

    Often a bet in League of Legends is made on the outcome of the meeting. In this case, the calculation of the odds occurs based on past confrontations, recent games, and the player’s condition. Encounters happen in the format of the best of three. This means that the winner of two matches wins the game. So there is an opportunity to bet not only on the winner of the meeting, but also on the winner in a particular map. 

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    Other types of bets are more specific and connected with gaming features. As mentioned earlier, this discipline two teams of 5 players are on a small map. Their goal is to get to the throne of the opponent to destroy it. Therefore, it is proposed to make next bets in League of Legends:

    • The time that one map will take.
    • A team that makes first blood.
    • A total number of kills.
    • A team that destroys more towers. 

    Betting on League of Legends in this format is primarily recommended for people who are confident in the outcome of the match. For example, if the teams are approximately the same and after the first game, it is better to choose the option “more than 2.5” games. Sometimes a specific team looks weaker than the opponent – the “Less than 2.5” games would be an ideal choice in this case.

    Secrets of betting on LoL for beginners

    First and foremost, beginners should be familiar with the nuances of the gameplay of League of Legends and basic terms. After reviewing the terminology, you should be able to plunge deeper into the game process and try to predict the result of some matches. You will find out, that game is well balanced and that all of the heroes in this cyber discipline has a particular set of qualities and skills that can help them quickly defeat some characters, but not demonstrating success in the fight with others. If you can predict which of the heroes will remain in the game after the draft, you will have a real possibility of predicting the outcome of the match. 

    Before betting on a League of Legends match, you need to learn some information and be familiar with specific nuances, the strength of professional teams, and their story of participation in a particular tournament. For more than a decade, LoL competitions have been regularly held. That gives you a possibility to search for statistics of matches being played previously. Bookmakers offer to test your knowledge, intuition and bet on a particular outcome. To increase the chance of winning, you should:

    • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of teams.
    • Assess which teams a better coordinated.
    • Search for previous victories and defeats.
    • Check recent transfers of players.
    • Appraise the mental condition of key players

    League of Legends betting tips

    To follow the matches were more interesting, we suggest you bet on League of Legends only at licensed bookmakers. List of such companies you can find in our bookmakers ratings. Follow up with a simple registration process: create a username and password, enter contact information, confirm the account by email. After, make a Deposit in any convenient way and determine the specific rate and event. Enjoy the match!

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