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    Hearthstone is the most popular collectible card game. There is no plot, dynamic battles, and constant struggle, which is typical for many other eSports disciplines. In this case, it is essential to calculate the moves in advance, develop a future strategy, and to stick to the exact calculations. This game managed to become a full discipline, so during the significant Championships, her fans regularly bet on the Heroes of Warcraft.

    What is the essence of the game?

    The bookmaker offers a variety of bets on Hearthstone. Some people prefer to make predictions on the winner of a match or the championship, while others bet on total rounds. Individual attention, specific game outcomes by type:

    • The first player succeeds in reducing the health of the enemy.
    • Player to make use of a particular card.
    • Victory in the exact round
    • Game duration (player will play till fatigue)

    You can make bets today on Hearthstone directly on the website of the bookmaker. Player needs to sign up and create an account. You can find list of licensed bookmaker in our bookmakers ratings.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    To do this, the user enters personal information, username, password, and confirms the report in the mail. Further, makes a deposit and think about which matches a better bet.

    Main types of tournaments in Hearthstone

    Nowadays, a lot of computer games are used not just for entertainment but are also considered to be serious discipline with its stars that earn large amounts of money on it. Hearthstone managed to occupy a leading and stable position in this sphere. The game includes three types of tournaments: local, regional and international.

    Local tournaments are organized by the users themselves; that is why they are not much popular and pay less interest to the gamers. As for the regional tournaments, these tournaments are more popular. However, the price funds are not significant. Usually, people are keen on betting in international competitions. The companies which are able to organize such events have permission given by Blizzard – developer of the game. The tournaments are exciting and attract the attention of millions of people. The only thing you have to do is to choose your favorite and wait for the results.

    Successful strategies in Hearthstone?

    Hearthstone is not the most simple game to bet for newcomers because a lot depends on randomness. If regular monitoring of statistics to explore the game meta, to observe the behavior of the players during the confrontations, will significantly increase the chance of successful wagering. 

    Best betting tips on Hearthstone online:

    1. To fully understand the game mechanics. To determine which tactics hold the players to see the advantages and disadvantages of all classes.
    2. Study the information about the players to understand at what level each of them plays. 
    3. Keep track of news resources. In the game updates with new decks, so it is essential to know about all relevant changes. 


    Betting on Hearthstone is not only a great way to have fun and increase interest in the match, but also the opportunity to earn if you actively follow this discipline and the performances of the players on the professional stage. To bet on Hearthstone now, we recommend you contact licensed bookmakers in Cyprus, which provide broad lines, high odds, high-quality support, convenient and multi-functional websites with numerous options for deposit and withdrawal.

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