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    Today, FIFA is one of the most popular football simulator available to play online. The first version of this game was released in the 90s and became incredibly popular in the 2000s. Now virtual football attracts people of different ages in many countries. Every year EA Sports launches more and more championships and tournaments where the company gets the best gamers from different parts of the globe. 

    Features of FIFA

    Virtual football is very different from the real one. As you know, in real life, real people are on the field who had to exercise regularly, often expose to injuries, have lots of different aspects that can influence their motivation on the game. As for computer games, all these nuances are absent, and everything depends on a gamer.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    He is responsible for a match starting lineup, developing the tactics, defines the players, manages the basics, and solves many other issues. The main task is to score more goals than an opponent. In this case, the team strength and names of stars in real life, sometimes have nearly nothing to decide in virtual football, since the main factor for victory is the skill of the gamer. It should be the main factor to take into account for those people who want to make a bet on FIFA matches. 

    Of course, main events in cybersport are tournaments, where players can fight for fame and a solid prize pool. One of the most important is the World Cyber Games, during which almost all bookmakers offer to bet on different virtual disciplines and, of course, on FIFA. 

    Popular types of bets on FIFA

    Bets in FIFA are very similar to proposals for the real sport. We are talking about:


    • The outcome. Indicates a draw or victory of a specific team. 
    • The double chance. A draw and victory will satisfy the bet.
    • Handicap. The stated advantage for a particular team.
    • Total. Amount of goals to score by both teams.
    • An exact score. What the final score of the match will be.


    To make a bet, you need to register on the bookmakers website: enter all details required in the contact form, create a username and password, confirm the account. After, top up your account and select the event you like.

    Tips and strategies for beginners on FIFA?

    All the strategies have something in common. The bettor needs to find patterns in past meetings, analyze statistical data, and understand what the risks might be in the next match. For example, a team can play five draws in a row. Automatically the chance of a draw in the sixth game is increasing, and it makes sense to make this bet. 

    Many people prefer to make bets on FIFA, at least for the reason that there is much easier to study the main trends compared to real football, where often the outcome is unpredictable. The main thing is to follow the actions of players and to learn the mechanics of the gameplay. For bets to bring real income, it is strongly recommended to follow the following tips:

    • Choose matches that are crucial to specific gamers, because when a player is not motivated, too risky to bet on him. 
    • You shouldn’t bet on favorites because the odds of them winning is usually poor. But, you can increase the odds by using handicaps. 
    • Try to bet only on a single-player tournament, as analysis of the actions and professionalism of one esports player is much easier than team tournaments, where it is necessary to determine all the disadvantages and advantages, teamwork, interaction of players, and so on.

    Thus, FIFA bets are a great opportunity not only to make money on FIFA predictions but also to make the process of observing games as exciting as possible. For betting, it’s better to choose the only licensed bookmaker. Such companies offer a broad line, high rates, professional technical support, and quick deposit, withdrawal of funds.

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