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    Dota 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer online game in the world. It was developed by the legendary company – Valve. Today it is a full-fledged discipline, which attracts not only gamers from different countries but also those who like to bet on the Esport. The games like Dota 2 are notable not only for its fascinating story and dynamics but also for large-scale international tournaments with massive prize pools. 

    What is the essence of Dota 2?

    Before placing bets on Dota 2, you need to understand the specifics of the gameplay. The main task for the gamer is to destroy the opponent’s “throne” – a unique structure located at the center base. It is protected by many towers, which located along the three paths. One side stands for the light, and the other for the darkness. Each team consists of five players. Each of them chooses a hero, which throughout the match gains experience, and gets gold for killing enemy creatures and heroes. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Many are willing to bet on Dota, at least because of its incredible popularity and demand. Videos related to this game, gaining millions of views on YouTube. Streams on Twitch are also collect lost of fans, which have created many sites and forums dedicated to the Dota 2. Players can download the game on Steam, and so far, only a few competitors can match it by the number of bets among other eSports disciplines. 

    Dota 2 bets are common because knowledgeable users can demonstrate their skills in this area. After analyzing and understanding the gameplay, experienced players get more benefits. Those who are always busy with research and statistics significantly increase their chances to make a reasonable bet and earn the right amount. 

    Popular Dota 2 betting

    Most often, users are making the following bets on Dota:

    • The outcome of the tournament. You can bet on a team that will take first place.
    • The result of the match. The draw can only be in the game of Bo2 format, but in other cases, it is not possible. 
    • Heroes draft. A player can make a bet on which heroes will be banned or picked in a particular match. 
    • Total. Bet on the total number of kills for both teams for one game.
    • An exact score. Matches in bo2, bo3, bo5 mean bets on the correct score.
    • First blood. This bet will be successful in case if the user guesses who was the first to kill the opponent’s hero. 
    • Duration of the game. How much time will take one map, for example: >45 mins.

    For betting online, you will need to spend a few minutes of your time and register on the website of a bookmaker. The user has to enter contact information with username, password, and email, then confirm an account. After, makes a deposit and put the amount on a specific outcome in a particular event. 

    Strategies for Dota 2?

    To make correct cyber bets on a Dota 2 match and significantly increase the probability of winning, you must:

    • Read all the latest news about the championships and teams. 
    • Results and personal meetings rivals. The rules of the tournaments may be different, giving advantages to individual players. 
    • As often as possible to observe the matches. Before placing a Dota bet, you should study the betting strategies.  

    For example, bets on new games are usually made because it is hard to value the strengths of the opponents due to the lack of previous statistics. Therefore gamers have the possibility to bet with high odds that allow you to make good money. People practice the flat strategy, the essence of which is to choose a particular amount of bet and use it again and again. The martingale strategy is also widespread: if the chance ended in a loss, you need to increase the amount for next bet, so in case of winning, you recover previous losses.

    Licensed bookmakers in Cyprus offers to bet money on Dota 2 on the most favorable terms: users can count on a broad line, high odds, a multifunctional and convenient site. In case of additional questions, you can always contact the support team for a detailed consultation.


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