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    For the first time, the volley appeared in the late 19th century. Since then, it was developing and today has become one of the most popular sports. At the moment, its prevalence is comparable to hockey and basketball. Regular tournaments and championships draw the attention of fans from all over the world. In this regard, the demand for volleyball bets is also increasing. Bookmakers offer to bet on the most exciting and important events in this sport. If you can make the right forecast, you can count on for a generous reward. 

    The rules of volleyball

    The volleyball team consists of 6 people. The main task of athletes is to hit the ball to the floor of the opponent’s side. If the opponent makes a mistake and can’t hold the ball on its side, the other team gets the point. The set will win the team that first manages to score 25 points. 

    Spectators wishing to make a bet on volleyball must know the essential features of this sport:

      • In volleyball, the opponents have no contact with each other, so there are no injuries connected with the tackles or unfair play. 
      • The discipline has only two outcomes – no draw possible. 
      • Take into account every detail and analyze all the available information. Injury of the captain of the team or lack of motivation is often can change the favorite of the game.
      • Watch matches before making a bet. Viewing events allows you to get a general impression, to learn more about the game mechanics, and to get detailed information for further use. 

    The main types of bets on volleyball

    What are the ordinary betting offers:

    • Classic bet on the winner. As mentioned earlier, in volleyball match draw is impossible, since opponents play to win, the primary condition of which is the advantage in three sets. 
    • Bet on the total. It is the number of points that were gained for three sets by both teams. Often bettor chooses in favor of “over,” especially when almost equal opponents are playing. There is also a possibility to bet on the total in sets.
    • Handicap. Bookmakers subtract or add points to equalize the opponents. For example, at the beginning of the match, you make a bet on handicap (-12.5). In case a selected team win with a difference of 13 points or more, the wager is successful. 
    • Predict the winner in a separate set. This option is ideal for live betting when you watch the broadcast and can quickly react for changes in the match. 

    For betting online first, you need to create an account on the website of the bookmaker. You can find a list of licensed bookmakers in our website in bookmakers ratings. The registration procedure will take just a few minutes. Next, select a specific sport and the tournament. By clicking on a particular match, you will see the betting options and odds on it.

    Tips for beginners

    In order to make a profit in volleyball bets, beginners should read and thoroughly understand the game mechanics, search for all the available information about the teams before a particular match.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Choose several strategies and strictly follow them without using any emotions. It is recommended to regularly watch broadcasts and read news about volleyball, monitor transfers, standings and so on.

     Among the most popular strategies are the following:

    • Martingale strategy. It implies a twofold increase in the amount of the bet after losing the previous one to obtain guaranteed profit in the future.
    • Flat. Wager consists of a fixed amount of several percent of the bank. If the streak of failures continuous, it is better to reduce the bet amount by 10 percent, but if everything is fine, then it increases by 20 percent. With such a systematic game, it is almost impossible to lose the entire pot, but you can’t double your capital quickly.
    • Total under. This strategy best used for women’s matches in live mode. It used during the first three sets and the fourth (if it happens). According to statistics, at least one set ends on TU 45.5. 

    Betting on volleyball is proposed to be done only in licensed bookmakers. There, bettors can count on a broad line with high volleyball odds, various options for withdrawing and depositing funds, qualified support service, and a convenient application

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