Tennis betting

Tennis betting
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    At the moment, tennis can be safely called one of the most popular sports, which fans are anywhere in the world. Tennis bets are in demand for their relevance and prevalence, like football betting. They are popular not only among sports enthusiasts but also among professional bettors that correctly predict all the results and make good profits in the medium or long term.

    The rules of tennis and the reasons for its popularity

    The rules are as follows: the first player who manages to win six games with the advantage of at least two games – wins the set. If the score is 5:5, set continues to 7 games. When the score is 6:6, a tie-break is played. After winning tie-break, a winner wins a game and a set with a score of 7:6. 

    Professional tennis is the perfect option for bettors because in this sport tournaments are held regularly, regardless of the season. Only closer to the New year players have a couple of weeks for a holiday. Athletes should always maintain an excellent physical condition for the key championships and other major tournaments. 

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    In the tennis game, only two athletes confront each other (except for doubles). It is crucial to determine the physical form and condition of a player, which gives a real idea about the result of the athlete on the court and significantly more comfortable than the same in football, where a team consists of more than 11 players.

    Tennis betting tips

    If you decide to bet on a tennis match, you should have at least minimal information about the most common wagers in this sport. We are talking about:

    • The victory in the game. The simplest and the most popular bet is winning a particular player and does not matter how long the match and how many sets will be. 
    • The handicap. When one of the opponents has a real advantage, it is better to put a handicap bet. Either an underdog gets a specific advantage, or a favorite get a negative handicap. 
    • Total. If you don’t want to predict the result, then the ideal solution would be betting on the over/under total score. 
    • Victory in the tournament. A very risky bet because you need to determine who will win, not a specific confrontation but the whole competition.
    • Bet on the winner of the set. If you have a statistic that a specific player wins almost every 1st set in the matches, but lacks the experience to win the whole games, then bet on win in a particular set is a great option. 

    Online betting on tennis is extremely popular. Before making a bet, it is necessary to register in a bookmaker company. This process will not take much time: you should fill out a short contact form, verify your account, make a deposit by using any available method and determine an exciting match on which you want to make a bet. 

    How to bet on tennis?

    As we discussed above, before betting on tennis, it is crucial to identify the current form of the athlete. Even if a player showed incredible results last season, you still need to determine his current status. For this, you need to view the previous matches and statistics.

    Player’s motivation is also essential. It is incredibly exciting to watch games of the Grand Slam series because participants are fighting till the last breath. In the case of small competitions, famous players choose to play safe and without risk to receive an injury, which will interfere with participating in major tournaments. Of course, before the game, check the following information: percentage of victories, successful pitches, won sets, mistakes, and much more.

     It is also worth paying attention to the following strategies:

    •  Bet on the victory in the game of the serving tennis player. According to statistics, usually, athletes win their innings, even if a stronger opponent plays against them.
    •  40:40 or bet on deuce. To make such wager, players must play approximately the same way and be of an equal level. The odds for this outcome are very high, so often, winning covers previous failures.
    •  Individual total. You need to calculate the number of games that one athlete will take. It is recommended to bet on the favorite with a winning ratio of 1.2-1.5.

    We propose to bet on tennis in Cyprus only in licensed bookmakers. On our website, you can find bookmakers rating, in which companies offer high odds, various options for depositing and withdrawing funds, broad lines, and support team to get answers to your questions.

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