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    Table tennis long ago proved itself as an affordable, dynamic, active sport that can be enjoyed without having costly equipment and without possessing any special physical preparation.

    Thanks to this discipline player develops agility, reaction, training of the vestibular apparatus, the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, improves the ability of concentration. Every year table tennis is becoming more popular because of mass media, which make watching the gameplay exciting and brings good money.

    Table tennis betting strategies

    Table tennis is classified as an active sport and this is directly reflected in live betting on this game in bookmakers. Betting on table tennis in live is quick, as the entire game which takes 3-5 minutes. Throughout the history of betting many sports developed their own betting strategies increasing the chance of winning. Table tennis is no exception and several simple strategies of table tennis betting have been developed exactly for it.

    Catch up on totals

    Catch up is the Martingale-based betting strategy completely fitting table tennis conditions. Considering the frequent playing events (sets, matches, and tournaments) you can get the positive result simply increasing the bet until it wins. The basic principle of this strategy is understanding that each set’s total score is mostly determined by the level of differences between the players. If the difference is clearly visible than this number will be probably below 20. If the bet didn’t win it should be increased according to the Martingale scheme until you get a positive result.

    Outsider bet

    The concept of outsider betting strategies is obvious. You ought to bet on an underdog while insuring it with front-runner safety bet. For instance, wager for the underdog’s victory with a high ratio. During the match, whenever this event will be close to happening the front-runner’s total victory ratio increases letting you safe betting him. Safety bet winning should beat the primary bets expenses and its amount should not overcome the main one if not, you will pull in the negatives.

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    It is necessary that the front-runner ‘s dominance won’t be absolute letting the opponent win one set at a minimum. Without this, that type of strategy is useless.

    Handicap victory

    In order to bet on handicap victory, you need to find a match with more or less equal opponents. One of them should have an advantage, but not strong, otherwise the bookmaker will offer too low odds and the bet will be unprofitable. A handicap of 2.5 points per favorite is the minimum possible handicap. If the bookmaker gives such a head start with a coefficient of 1.5 or higher, then it should be taken. In case of defeat, you can catch up with the same bet in the next set.

    Even/odd strategy

    In table tennis, the set goes until one of the players scores 11 points. If the score is 10-10, then the game will go up to a difference of 2 points. The secret of betting odd/even in table tennis is hidden in this difference.

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    If the scoreboard shows или if 9-9 on the scoreboard , then any odds from the bookmaker to even will be profitable, because even in this set is guaranteed. Typically, bookmakers block the reception of bets on an even when players have reached 9-9. But it’s possible to predict the score 9-9 at an earlier stage. For example, when the score is 8-8, 8-7 or 6-7. If you have a feeling that a real fight is ahead, you need to bet on even.

    Table tennis betting types

    Bettors actively use live betting tactics in order not to predict the result in advance, but make their bets during the match. There are table tennis betting tips that give a slight advantage over the bookmaker.

    Match winner bets

    As in most sports, table tennis can have a match-winner bet. There can’t be a draw, therefore, there are invariably two betting alternatives: the winning of one or another sportsman. Moreover, experienced bettors commonly not put a wager on the match-winner, betting on the set winner instead, thus getting a more favorable coefficient.

    Handicap bet

    Betting with a handicap can be done before the match, but bettors often use handicap betting tactics during live broadcasts. The behavior of tennis players is easy to predict: they may not play till the end of the game using all their strength if they feel that they have already lost it. In this case, the probability of winning with good table tennis betting odds is high.

    Total points bet

    The most common type of table tennis betting is total betting. Lucky bettors are able to estimate total points in the different sets, as well the whole game result. To correctly fall into the interval of totals, you ought to make a detailed study of each sportsman’s stats and discover the average win/loss value. The median value is close to reality.

    How table tennis betting works

    To put a bet on table tennis is popular both among the newcomers and advanced bettors. The speed is exactly what attracts in these bets. Also, random events are extremely improbable: almost no comebacks in the game, athletes are infrequently injured, match referee cannot affect the game result with his actions.

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    Analyzing the table tennis game isn’t a complicated task. No difficult to understand options like weather conditions, playing other team members, coach influence and so on. The overall stats of both tennis players can say everything.

    Where to bet on table tennis

    The most favorite strategy for players is to bet in live on minus odds of leading tennis players in the initial games. Another popular scheme that bettors use is betting on the even score of the match, provided that there are opponents of equal strength. Thus, given the dynamism of table tennis, it is most optimal to place bets on this sport in live, which means that the best bookmakers for this will be the sites presented in our Bookmakers rating tab, because these bookmakers:

    • offer high ratios;
    • provide with video broadcasts;
    • have lots of events.

    Table tennis tournaments and championships

    Table tennis betting can be made almost all year round due to the fact that there are enough tournaments for both men and women. Top competitions in this sport include:

    • Europe championship.  Singles competitions are held in even years, and team in odd years.
    • World Championship. Takes place every two years. Starting in 2021, the format of the tournament will change. First, regional selective games will start. According to their results, 128 sportsmen will compete to be a World Champion.
    • Summer Olympic games. The next competition will be at the Olympics in Japan, which will begin on July 24, 2020.
    • National Championships.
    • T2 Diamond Series. It is considered the most prestigious tournament where 32 of the world’s best players compete for ITTF rating points, and the total prize pool is $1.5 million.

    Moreover, almost all of the above-mentioned tournaments are held not only among adult athletes but also among juniors.

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