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Rugby betting
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    Rugby has long established itself as an extremely tough and traumatic sports discipline, and at the same time, spectacular, uncompromising, and incredibly exciting. That is why rugby bets are in great demand and are a great way to have fun.

    Game theory

    The main task in rugby is to throw or bring the ball to the goal or zone of the opponent. The ball can be kicked, touched, but to score a goal is allowed only by a feet. It is also permitted to use brute force against an opponent.

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    As mentioned earlier, rugby is indeed a very tough, but at the same time non-standard, intriguing sport. The match is divided into two halves by 40 minutes; for the rest is given up to 15 minutes between halfs. The winner is the team that succeeds in scoring maximum points for all productive actions, such as denunciation to the zone, productive shots on goal, goals during penalties, and so on.

    Popular Types of Rugby Bets

    The following bookmaker rugby bets are available today:

    • Winner of the match. You need to choose a winner.
    • Handicap. An outsider receives a slight advantage. Thus, the sides are more balanced.
    • The exact score. The user determines the final result of a match or one half.
    • Double chance. The possibility of betting on the victory of one of the teams and at the same time on a draw.
    • Totals. Total points by both teams over/under the specific amount.

    Access to online rugby bets appears immediately after registration on the bookmaker’s website. The procedure takes just a couple of minutes and requires the introduction of personal data, confirmation of the account by mail, making a deposit, choosing the match and a specific outcome.

    Rugby betting tips

    As practice shows, successfully betting on rugby is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First, it is recommended to watch several matches without bets, get acquainted with the rules of this sport, and most importantly – consider the following:

    • It is necessary to seriously approach the analysis of upcoming matches, pay attention to the starting lineups, and the changes that have occurred in them.
    • Check the weather forecast because it can greatly affect the outcome of the match.
    • Use independent sources, look for insider information.

    When creating strategies, bettors should take into account the following pattern: during the rain, teams score much less points than usual. Therefore, on such days, it is recommended to bet on the total under in the pre-match. The main task of the bettor is to get acquainted with the weather forecast on the day of the game. If weather forecasters talk about rain and gusty winds, the ideal bet will be a total under. In bad weather, the performance leaves much to be desired, at least for the reason that the ball flies far from the direction the player intended due to strong winds. As a result, the number of misses increases significantly. The risk of injury increases as well, so athletes act more carefully and less actively. 

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