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    Hockey can be confidently called one of the most popular and spectacular sports. Thanks to thrilling and unexpected matches, the game is popular among the audience. Constant fights, aggressive style, dynamics – all this has an impact on the outcome of the game. 

    Hockey rules

    Hockey standoff consists of 3 periods. The duration of each is 20 minutes. The breaks are 15 minutes. The main task of the team is to score more goals than the opponent. If at the end of the match result is a draw, it can be assigned additional time (overtime). Sometimes the overtime ends in a draw. In this case, there is a shootout. 

    Popular types of bets on hockey

    Today the most popular types of hockey bets are:

      • Handicap. Experts define a stronger opponent, and you can bet either on it with a (-) handicap to increase odds of a favorite or to bet on an underdog with a (+) handicap to increase the chance of taking profit with high odds. 
      • Exact score. This bet can hardly be called popular, because to guess the exact outcome very difficult. However, the coefficients in case of winning are too high. 
      • Total. Betting on hockey totals assume that the person has to guess the number of goals in the match. And make a bet under this exact amount or above it – depends on the situation. 
      • Single outcome. A classic bet. The main task of the bettor to determine which team will complete the match with a victory.
      • Double outcome. The bet wins in case of success, two of the three possible results of the match. Odds are lower than on a single outcome, but the risk is lower as well. 

    Tips and strategies for beginners 

    Before you make a bet on a hockey match, beginners should acknowledge with some helpful advice. For example, an important nuance is a game in the home arena. You should analyze the latest results of both teams and evaluate the previous 5-7 games. It is enough to form a vision about the upcoming game. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    An essential part is to consider the history of the confrontation of these exact two teams. You should think about the motivation of the clubs. If one side closer to the end of the season and already in leading positions, solved all their tasks so they can relax and play even with the second squad and give rest to key players. 

    Special attention deserves the following strategies:

      • Total Over 1.5 in the third period of the meeting, when one of the teams leads for two goals. The difference should be just that – no more and no less.
      • A bet on the underdog. It is good to make a second/safety bet on the success of the underdog, if the rate is good, of course. Thus, you can decrease the chances of losing money in case of a sensation. Sport is unpredictable – be ready for any outcome.

    How to bet on hockey?

     To make a bet on hockey, you must perform several actions:

    • Open our bookmakers rating and choose the one you prefer.
    • Complete the simple registration procedure on the site (enter primary personal data, read the terms & conditions, confirm your account via mail)
    •  Top up your account with one of the proposed methods.
    •  Choose the type of bet you want to make, the team and the amount of money.

    You can make almost any bets on hockey’s most popular leagues and events. Licensed bookmakers in Cyrpus offer broad line, high rates, professional support service, and a multilingual site.

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