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    Handball is a favorite sport of many people, the sport which has a rich history. During its existence, it was able to win many sympathies among many people, and somehow professional betters. Handball with confidence can be called a beautiful discipline that you observe with pleasure. Almost all companies from our bookmakers rating offer bets on handball. You can make many different bets and make a particular match or tournament even more enjoyable.

    The rules of handball

    Handball confrontation lasts for two halves of 30 minutes with a 10-minute break in between. The main task of athletes is to score the maximum number of goals; it is forbidden to cross the line, limiting the space in front of the gate. Two referees track all activity on the field. 

    Handball bets are in high demand, and this sport discipline has many advantages. One of them is a lot of sporting events. The start of the handball season begins in September and ends in May, during which bookmakers offer to bet on major tournaments and championships. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Moreover, this discipline fully covered in the media. Concerning international competitions and handball World Championships is always written by the popular press. Analytics, along with the latest news, photos, video archives, recaps, rankings, and schedule, is not difficult to find in those or other resources. Another advantage is the presence of broadcasts. If you want to make a bet on handball in live mode, be sure to follow the game live to understand, in what state are the players to catch the best moments for developing betting strategy. 

    How to bet on handball

    Betting on handball is presented in a standard format. Among the most common and popular are the following bets:

    • The victory of a specific team. Determine a favorite and analyze the importance of winning the match. 
    • On handicap. This rate usually takes when playing clubs are of a different class.
    • Total. Bets on the number of goals can involve: total number of goals the match, the team’s individual total for the entire game, half. 
    • Other. Predict odd/even number of goals, the exact score of the match, a quantity of fouls, and so on. 

    The user will be able to place a bet online only if he will pass the registration procedure on the bookie’s website and get acquainted with the terms & conditions. It is proposed to complete the contact form to enter login and password, and then confirm your account via email. As soon as an account is ready, top-up the account and choose an exciting event. 

    Tips for beginners

    The success in handball betting depends on analysis and on use of effective betting strategies:

    • Sometimes during a match, a favorite might be losing a few points. Odds of winning for this team increases – in this case, it makes sense to make a bet on a stronger team with better rates. 
    • If the favorite has some problems at the beginning of the match, it is recommended to take a plus handicap on the weaker team.
    • You need to be careful in the process of watching matches. Some teams have their style, for example, in the first half, the team plays a more defensive style, but in the second, when an opponent is tired, very aggressively in the attack.
    • Sometimes, one team that sets the rhythm of the game cannot score in the first half. Highly likely that it will finish off the opponent in the second half, so during the break, you can safely bet on its victory in the match. 

    Additionally, it is worth analyzing statistics, carefully studying game mechanics and tactics, paying attention to the motivation and training of athletes, substitutes, transfers, more often watch broadcasts, and read the news.

    To make the most profitable bet on a handball match, it is better to cooperate with a licensed bookmaker. It offers an extensive line, various ways of withdrawing and depositing funds, a multifunctional site and app with useful information, and, most importantly – a qualified support service.

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