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    Football in modern society is rightfully considered the number one sport. Therefore, it is reasonable that the bookmakers pay him the most attention.

    Betting on football is most in demand among players in the vast majority of countries, including those where European football (soccer) is not the most popular sports, for example, in North America, Australia, and the Eastern part of the Asian continent.

    However, you should not assume that the high ratings of this betting direction are associated with easy wins and predictable results. Here, as in any other sporting event, certain skills, and the ability to navigate events are required.

    Football rules

    Each match is subject to strict rules, and the tactics of the game are carefully thought out and in advance. Tactics can be influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the players, the proposed replacements, the playing style of the future opponent, etc.

    The fact that players can touch the ball with anything but not with their hands also heighten the interest. The purpose is simple: to score the ball into opponent’s goal and protect your own. The match consists of two halves of 45 minutes each, and during this time, players must give everything in order to clinch a match. At the end of the regular playing time, the referee may schedule an added time to compensate for pauses during regular time.

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    The main football betting rules

    Understanding the difficult question of how to correctly bet on football, it is worth mentioning which types of events, in addition to the usual victory of one of the teams and a draw, you can offer bookies in their lines.

    1. Match total – more or less

    The match total is more or less. Basically, the standard football total is 2.5, but there are exceptions. This mainly applies to meetings of clear leaders and outsiders, when a large number of goals scored is clearly expected. In this case, the total can be increased to 3.5.

    The first thing to consider in such matches is the presence in a particular game of the main goalkeeper of the team, as well as the physical condition of the players of the defensive line and the attack line of the teams. It is natural that the absence of the main performers in the defense or the poor game of the forwards of the two teams in recent matches can lead to total more and total less, respectively.

    2. The result of the first half of the meeting

    On this type of bet, you can make good money, since the main events of a large number of matches unfold in its second half. You can try to bet the first half total less or with good odds on a draw, which is quite likely.

    3. Which team will score first

    In order to understand which team will be able to score the first goal of the match, you need to find statistics on goals scored scheduled by minute. By studying it, it is entirely possible to guess who should upset his opponent first. Do not forget that the first goal is scored mainly by the hosts, who seek to show the best game in front of their audience. There is almost always an event in the line that both teams will not score, having a coefficient of about 10, but you understand that the probability of this is very small.

    4. The exact score of the match

    The exact score of the match. Very large odds have events in which you need to guess what exact score the football match will end with. This is extremely difficult to do, but one win can cover many of the previous loses in the game.

    5. Individual total players

    Bookmakers usually give very good odds on a personal total- the bet that a particular player will be able to hit the opponent’s goal throughout the match. Therefore, by studying the statistics of the main strikers of the teams, you can highly likely guess one of the authors of the goals scored in the match. 

    How to bet on football online

    Online football betting will be possible immediately after user registration on the site. In the relevant section, contact information is entered (name and surname, country of residence, phone number, etc.). After confirming the account by e-mail, it remains to select the exact match and choose the outcome you want to bet on.

    Strategy and football betting tips for beginners today

    In order to make the best bets on football in Cyprus, in order to get real profit, beginners should take bets seriously, making predictions for football, and should take into account: 

    • How prepared the opponents are.
    • What teams are in sports.
    • Match history between opponents.
    • The factor of being at home or away.
    • Weather.

    Based on this, you can concentrate all your attention and conduct a clear and detailed analysis of the upcoming matches. Only in this case, you will have to follow the news and changes in the composition of each team, since injuries and disqualifications of key players can occur during the season. If you remove one of the main central defenders from the leaders, the new pair will not work immediately, which can lead to mistakes. That is why, in such cases, you should carefully study the composition for adjustment. 

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    Online betting on football in Cyprus is an opportunity to enjoy live football matches with high odds, a generous bonus system, a wide line, a multi-functional site, and a support service that quickly responds to user problems. 

    Great Football Betting Tips

    Of course, the use of strategies in sports betting is necessary, but you can’t just hope for constant success:

    • Before each bet, make you own opinion of the situation, and then use the chosen tactics and make a profit.
    • After several successful bets, do not rush and bet on everything. Try to find the most profitable games and bets, in the outcome of which you will be confident.
    • Always leave at least 30% of the bank, which can be used in the future, in case of loss of the remaining money.

    Following these tips and using strategies, you can achieve good results in betting. To become a professional bettor, you will have to carefully and diligently engage in analytical activities and consider thousands of betting options for several years!

    How football bets work

    Before you start placing winning bets on football, you need to spend a lot of time training and analyzing upcoming games. This item is paramount for every experienced gambler because thanks to this, you can get the treasured information.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    We have to study not only the last matches but also much more. The following tips are recommended for you to pay more attention to the following factors and learn how to bet on football:

    1. The number of days that have passed since the last game and the venue – this fact may adversely affect the physical readiness of one of the teams. The minimum amount of time to rest, subject to a long-distance flight, knocks athletes out of their usual rhythm. Not every football player can cope with a similar problem. Therefore, you can bet on the goal of the opposing team if it is not inferior by the level of preparation and game to the team which you support.
    2. The absence of team leaders – may lead to the appearance of young or inexperienced players in the squad. Thus, the chances of rivals for a positive result increase.
    3. Weather conditions on the day of the match – it can affect not only the quality of the game but also create accidental goals.

    This list is far from complete, but you can familiarize with it in a separate article. 

    The best types of football betting

    A better who wants to find out how to earn money on football bets should study not only all points for analysis  but also the available betting strategies for this sport. As of February 2020, there is a huge number of them freely available. The most effective experienced cappers can sell predictions, but as a rule, after the first sales, it “merges” into the world wide web.

    The easiest and most understandable bet is considered to be a bet on the outcome of the match. When using it, a better can place bets like:

    1. “1×2”.
    2. Double pass.
    3. Bet “12”, which indicates the victory of any of the teams.

    The following is a strategy for betting on the goals of leaders. Before the match, you need to make a table and compare how many goals are scored and conceded by teams. If a team has an impressive amount of scored goals, but the opponent has conceded very little, it is not recommended to put on goals. Instead, it is proposed to take the total, but it should be supported by the statistics of recent games and personal confrontations.

    types of football betting

    Betting on a draw is considered to be one of the most successful and profitable. The percentage of peaceful outcomes in matches is quite high, and before the start of the match, the coefficient for a draw is usually higher than 3. 

    Football leagues and competitions

    Which football tournaments or championships are best to bet on? Which tournament is most attractive for football betting? In this material, we will not mention specific statistics. However, the information below is the generally accepted opinion of many players of bookmakers. This list was compiled based on the experience of qualified bettors specializing in football betting.

    1. FIFA world cup.
    2. European Championship.
    3. UEFA Champions League (Euro 2020).
    4. Championship of England (Premier League).
    5. Qualifying matches of the World and European Championships.
    6. UEFA Europe League.
    7. German Championship (Bundesliga).
    8. Championship of Spain (La Liga).
    9. Championship of Italy (Serie A).
    10. French Championship (Ligue 1).

    Which football league is the strongest? In general, there are many indicators that can be used to judge whether a league is good or not. But instead of delving into the statistics of single combats won by one team or another, the most important criteria are suggested for determining:

    • the average number of goals scored
    • the average number of red cards
    • victories in continental championships
    • the difference in points between the first and last teams of the Championship.

    The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has published the top list of the strongest leagues in the world at year-end 2019. The Premier League is recognized as the best. Earlier 10 years in a row, the Spanish La Liga was the strongest. But now it is in third place. The second place is occupied by the Brazilian Serie A. The Italian Serie A and the Colombian Categoria Primera A also hit the top 5. With this choice of leagues, betters have many chances to try their luck and make money on football bets.

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