Cyber hockey betting

Cyber hockey betting
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    Cyber hokey – is a computer simulation of the real sport. Developers took into account all of the essential details of existing teams and transferred them into a computer simulator. Teams that play in the simulator act according to strictly defined algorithms and external influence on the gameplay is merely impossible. Every year cyber bets on hockey are becoming more frequent and widespread. Nowadays, due to the global spread of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) e-sport is in high demand.

    Rules of cyber hockey 

    Two virtual teams are involved in the game, whose actions are controlled by a computer algorithm. The winner is the team that manages to score more goals. The stakes in cyber hockey have their unique features:

    • Different bookmakers use their operating system. Before making a bet, it is strongly recommended to learn all the rules of a specific bookmaker.
    • In comparison with the real teams, virtual sportsmen missing all the human traits – they are not influenced by stress or fatigue. Motivation or other psychological aspects doesn’t matter. Therefore, all these factors do not require analysis.
    • On the ice, the computer players come in the optimal condition. However, this does not make the matches predictable because the simulation controlled by computer algorithms, which includes elements of random.
    • When the championship only starts is not possible to be a clear favorite. As practice shows, even the champions of the previous tournaments can be in last place this season, and the previously last teams in standings can prove themselves, and claim the title.

    Cyber Hockey betting

    • The vast majority of users do betting on cyber hockey on total goals. One of the best strategies betting, because in these sports teams often score each other a lot.
    • Period betting. Another popular strategy betting. Its essence consists of the following: before periods, you need to put on a total of more than 1.5.
    • Quite simply, but effective rate – both to score. To do this, define a match where there are two equal opponents, showing excellent performance. 
    • Handicap – improve the odds a favorite and often leaves the suspense until the end of the confrontation.

    To make a bet on a cyber hockey match, you will need to pass the registration procedure and provide contact information with a login and password and confirm your account via email. After that, deposit the desired amount, choose the event, and make a bet on it.

    Strategies and tips for beginners

    In the simulations, the underdogs have a real chance to defeat the favorites, so bettors often use martingale strategy – betting on the same outcome, and in case of loss, increase the amount of the next bet to cover loss of previous one. Sometimes it is possible to identify the pattern in cyber hockey. For example, many bettors argue that often a game is won by the team, scored the first goal — however, this assertion not supported by statistics.

    Licensed bookmakers
    Stoiximan logo

    Virtual hockey games are all created by programmers, and this means that there is no sense of analyzing past events. In this case, a computer is guided by the specific laws of mathematics and probability theory.

    We recommend making a bet on cyber hockey only in licensed bookmakers. They can provide a wide game line, high odds, intuitive website, different ways of output and input of funds, and if you have additional questions, you can always contact support.

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