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    Cricket is a team sports discipline, which today has many fans. It is especially popular in India, where more than a billion people live. It was the Indian fans who did this sport the second most common after football. Competitions are held throughout the year so that you can bet on cricket at any time.

    Cricket Rules

    The game involves two teams of 11 people each. Confrontations take place on an oval grass field, where participants need to alternately hit the ball with a bat and try to score maximum points. The task of the rivals is to prevent them from doing this.

    The leading role in the team is assigned to the bowler (hand-in) and the batsman. The latter sends the ball a long distance from the opponent and runs through the field. The style of play and the rules of cricket are very similar to baseball.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Various tournaments and competitions in the above-mentioned sports discipline can be very different from each other: have their game format and rules. As for the World Cup, it is held every four years. To get into its final part, you need to go through the qualifying round.

    Types of cricket bets: how to place them?

    The following cricket bets are available today:

    • On winner. The user selects a team that, in his opinion, will win the match.
    • Best player in the match. Usually, this title is given to the team member who is MVP of the game.
    • Total. The total number of points earned for the match is predicted. Additionally, it is proposed to bet on individual totals for each team, the number of wounds, and so on.
    • Handicap. The betting company has the opportunity to bet on cricket on the odds of an outsider team to equalize the chances.
    • The exact score and odd/even. These specific bets are suitable for gambling users who are confident in their forecasts since it is far from always possible to predict such an outcome. If successful, the bettor expects a generous reward. 

    To place a bet on cricket online, the user will need to register at one of the bookmakers. After the creation of an account, enter contact information, create a login with a password. Now it remains to choose a specific sports discipline, match, and type of online cricket betting and make a bet.

    Betting tips beginners should know before betting on cricket?

    Successful cricket bets will be possible when using statistics to assess the chances of the selected team. It is recommended to be familiar with the last five games and draw your conclusions. Among the factors that have a significant impact on the final cricket results, is the advantage of the home team over the opponent, the participation of eminent players, weather conditions, and so on.

    Of course, this is more difficult to do in comparison with other sports disciplines. Still, bookmakers do not always respond to a huge amount of bets on a particular team, so users have a chance to get guaranteed profits by betting on a favorite. Cricket is also an ideal sport for live mode. It runs slowly, which allows the bettor to carefully track the match, correctly calculate the risk, determine how the situation will change, only then make a bet in real-time.

    It is recommended to make online cricket betting at a licensed bookmaker company. All conditions for a comfortable game are created here: high odds, a wide line, a convenient site, a professional support service, a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods. You can find list of licensed bookies in our bookmakers rating.

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