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    Chess is an ancient intellectual game, but at the same time, it has been recognized as an official sport in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of bookmakers offer their customers to predict the outcome of a chess event and place a bet on it. In this article, we will talk about the features of chess betting, give some tips and introduce licensed bookmakers where you can bet on chess.

    How to bet on chess

    Chess is the oldest logical game played in different parts of the world for fifteen hundred years. This is not only the most popular logical sports game but also the official sport in which status tournaments are regularly held.

    Everyone can win one or more bets with the right luck, but if you want to have a stable income in chess betting, you need to be plunged in the world of chess – know the rules carefully, follow the matches, read the news.

    Before you start playing, check out the chess betting strategies. Find out all the nuances of the analysis that would allow you to determine the result of the meeting of chess players as accurately as possible.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Many fans of intellectual sports bet on chess. You can easily find the forecasts of professional analysts for world chess championship matches on the Internet, which will help you to make value bet on chess online.

    Chess players who prefer to make decisions instantly perform better in blitz games. However, if you like deep thoughts, it is more convenient to play classic chess. The players’ skills are important, but the history of face-to-face confrontations comes to the fore. Chess players can meet opponents whom they cannot beat, because they play differently against different opponents.

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    Try to understand the psychology of chess players. By watching matches, you may sometimes notice that due to excessive excitement or an unusual situation, even strong players make mistakes. Chess is a unique discipline. In addition to the psychological state and habits of the sportsman, many nuances are taken into account. For example, it is the weather. In bad weather conditions, the grandmaster’s health may deteriorate, which will affect the chances of a logical game that requires maximum concentration.

    Chess rules

    The main goal of a chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s king. To do this, the king must get into the check, but it can get out of it using one of three ways:

    • Ensure safety by moving to another square of the board (castling is not allowed in this case);
    • Take the piece with which the opponent is going to make a check (if possible);
    • Protect yourself from an attacking piece with another piece of your own.
    • If it is impossible to avoid the mat, the game comes to an end. In this case, the king remains on the board, but the game is considered to be over.

    Where can you place bets on chess?

    Before we talk about which bookmakers allow you to place bets on chess, let us tell you some information on the odds of bookmakers.

    Coefficients are inversely related to probability. That is, the more likely the outcome, the lower the coefficient, and vice versa. The winning amount is equal to the selected coefficient multiplied by the bet amount. The effect of bookmakers on odds is not limited to calculating probability and adding margins. They change all the time. The players themselves are responsible for this. Of course, there are factors beyond their control, such as unexpected injuries, the dismissal of coaches, etc. All this, in theory, can affect the result, and therefore influences the probability of each outcome, of which the coefficient is calculated.

    Below you will find bookmakers where you can place bets on chess competitions. Each of them has a license in Cyprus. The greatest interest for those who want to try their luck in betting on chess can be represented by the betting companies, which offer the widest line in this sport compared to other bookmakers. To place a bet in one of the bookmakers presented, you must first complete the registration process and deposit money to your gaming account:

    Chess tournaments, Championships and main events

    Chess tournaments (matches, games) differ depending on the time allowed for a move – classic chess or blitz games. Each chess player has individual characteristics: one makes decisions quickly, the other likes to think longer, so in certain types of tournaments, there will be favorites that we must know to make a bet.

    To start analyzing a chess match or an individual game, you should collect information about the tournament in which you are taking part. Tournaments can be of different types (depending on their importance): 

    • international (world); 
    • regional;
    • national and local. 

    Undoubtedly, championships with international status are visited by sportsmen with higher ratings and, accordingly, they are more professional than those who take part at local (regional, city) tournaments.

    Bets on chess

    Outcome is the situation when the first or second player wins or draws (1, X, 2). Most often, the most profitable chess bet is when you win. The chess betting odds are the highest.

    Handicap (0) is a victory of one of the players with zero handicap. In the case of a draw, the bet is calculated with a coefficient of 1 (H1 (0), H2 (0)). A zero handicap will ensure the outcome of a draw, but the coefficient of such a bet will be lower.

    Double outcome is a win or draw for one of the players (1X, 2X) or a win for one of the players (12). The safest option is when the bet is made on 2 out of 3 possible outcomes.

    What should newcomers take into account, and what betting strategies should they follow?

    Current rating. The relative strength of chess players is expressed by rating. This is probably the most objective assessment, and, of course, the analysis must take into account the current performance of players. However, most often, there are chess players of the same level at the board with a slight difference in the rating (usually from the first 20).

    Current form. Successful or unsuccessful performances at previous tournaments (both in general and in games) allow us to judge the current skills of a chess player. Keep in mind that any series is interrupted, whether it is a win-win or a win-win series. A chess player who has unfortunate career period may have more reasons to succeed in a particular tournament or game.

    Right of the first move. At the highest level, the right of the first move plays a big role in achieving success in chess. It is believed that a chess player who plays white pieces has a slight advantage over black ones. As they say, white starts and wins. First, black must align its position before embarking on more ambitious tasks.

    Style of play. Different chess players follow different styles of play. Someone values the reliability of the game and does not risk making a move that will lead to a sharp game with an unclear position, preferring a bird in the hands, while someone values the dynamics more and makes the same move in the same position, aggravating the situation in the hope of getting more. It is worth noting that there are no purely positional and combined players at the highest level. Styles are perfectly combined but in different proportions. These are the realities of modern chess.

    Time control. Some chess players feel more or less confident compared to their colleagues, depending on the time allotted for the game. This is rare at the highest level. However, there are examples.

    bet on chess

    Motivation. Undoubtedly, the motivational factor is important. Tournaments in which chess players take part have different conditions. This applies to the size of the prize, as well as to the selection of candidates for the tournament.

    What is important to remember for betters on chess is the lack of long-term winning streaks at grandmasters. If the chess player has shown a positive result for a long time, after this, we can expect a draw or even a loss.

    In conclusion, a draw is the most common outcome in a match between super grandmasters (chess players with a rating of 2700+). Therefore, the chances for this type of chess betting are the lowest. This is the main feature of online chess betting compared to other sports. It should also be noted that winning streaks in chess competitions are extremely rare. Win-win series happen, of course, more often, but also relatively rarely if we talk about other sports. Therefore, in some cases, it makes sense to bet on winning.

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