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Boxing betting
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    Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world. In the time of Ancient Greece, fistfight tournaments were very popular and gave birth to modern boxing. The first professional match was held in 1867. Since then, much time has passed, but the popularity of the sport each year is only growing. Moreover, the massive demand for betting on boxing increase interest for the fights, as a spectator can gain some profit during the match.

    The rules of boxing

    Boxing is a contact sport discipline and martial art in which men beat each other with their fists in a particular outfit. The fight is held in a boxing ring, lasts up to 12 rounds, and is controlled by a referee.

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    The victory assigned to whoever knocks the opponent off his feet with a knockout or injure, not allowing to continue the fight. If, after 12 rounds, the battle has not stopped, the leader determined by fair assessments of three judges, which counts the points for each successful action of the boxers. 

    Advantages of betting on boxing:

    • Limited duration of the battle. Boxing is different from tennis and volleyball, where matches sometimes lasted several hours. 
    • Free access to information. Easy to find information about previous battles, statistics, and predictions about boxing matches.
    • Individual style. Forecasts usually do not cause problems because athletes do not change their style and technique. 

    Today, many are willing to bet on boxing because the match becomes much more interesting; there are real excitement and the opportunity to earn a good amount.

    Types of bets on boxing

    Today to bet on the fight in boxing online is easy. Register on the bookmaker website (fill out the contact form, the username, and password, confirm the account), make a deposit using any available method, and determine one of the types of bet:

    • On victory. It is necessary to decide on which of the fighters will overcome his opponent.
    • The winning round. Possibility to bet on which exact round the fight will finish. 
    • Victory by the points. In this case, the winner is determined by points after all the rounds completed.
    • Victory with a knockout. A knockdown occurs when the opponent falls to the ring but immediately gets up. If he continues to lie, we are talking about the knockout. 

    Tips and strategies for beginners

    Betting on boxing is in high demand. But in order to make successful betting, you should do a carry-out analysis, gather statistics, and carefully study the fighting style of each athlete. Before betting on boxing, you must consider the place where you will be fighting. As shown, to compete on the “home ring” much more comfortable than away. 

    Do not forget about effective strategies:

    • A bet on the underdog. In the above sports discipline, coefficients on the unknown boxes frequently overrated. New names appear regularly and give decent odds for winning. 
    • Fork. Rates on the same outcome are different, depends on the bookmaker so that the player can earn on a difference.
    • Oscar’s Grind Method. Financial tactic according to which it is recommended to reduce the initial bet if you lose and leave unchanged when you win. The ratio must be at least 2.00. 

    On our site, you can find bookmakers rating with licensed bookies, where you can bet on boxing. Choose the one that best suits you and make any bet on the most favorable terms. 

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