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Billiards betting
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    Billiards is the general name for board games that use balls and cue. The rules of these disciplines differ from each other, but in general, their essence is to score the ball in a pocket. Sports regularly host significant tournaments with big prize funds, so betting on billiards is in high demand.

    The rules of the different types of billiards

    There are several dozen varieties of the above sports disciplines; the most common and popular are the following:

    • Snooker. The English version of billiards. On the table 22 balls of different colors. Depending on what shade of the ball was scored, the player gets a certain number of points. 
    • Straight pool. A dynamic game, where for each scored ball, one point is charged. The winner is the one who is the first to score the agreed amount of points.
    • Russian billiards. During the game, white balls used, their diameter slightly smaller than the pockets. To win in a classical pyramid, the player needs to score 71 points.

    Main types of bets 

    Before you make a bet on the billiards, you should carefully find popular types of betting. We are talking about:

    • The winner of the match (W1, W2, a draw is impossible). 
    • Total game points (more or less).
    • Handicap (the underdog gets the advantage).

    Moreover, betting on billiards online allows betting on the winner in a specific frame and the total number of points in the frame the whole match or for a particular athlete. Long-term bets on the snooker no less in demand: it is proposed to predict the tournament winner. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Betting on billiards online available only after registration on the website of the bookmaker. The user fills in contact information, enters username and password, confirm the account through email. Next, top up the account in any convenient way and receive a bonus for signing up. Learn the rules of the service, and then choose for themselves an exciting match and make a bet. 

    Strategies and tips 

    Bets on games in billiards will be successful only if the beginner will take into account several useful tips from experienced better:

    • It is necessary to analyze the form, motivation, and mood of the player. If the favorite has won recently, he has a good chance to continue winning streak. 
    • It would be best if you always studied statistics. Some players deliberately train for a match with the famous players, but in the game with an unfamiliar opponent often get lost and lose. 
    • It is recommended to focus on the age of favorite. Senior players, at times, very difficult to win a long and exhausting confrontation.

    Another secret of success lies in developing a win-win strategy. It knows that many bookmakers set the odds, based only on a personal meeting of opponents. This approach is hardly accurate because the last game could take several months or even years ago. During this gap, a weak opponent could improve skills, so now he has higher chances for success. The main goal of the bettor is to watch the latest game rivals, to assess what state they are in at the moment, then make a well-considered bet. Some users practice the Dogon and bet on the underdog with odds higher than 2: this strategy could work well, but it implies a careful selection of matches. 

    If you want to bet on the match in the Billiards, we recommend you to cooperate only with licensed bookmakers, where every user can count on a broad line, high odds, simple and fast registration, generous bonuses, and help from professional support.

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