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    Just a few decades ago, beach soccer was perceived as ordinary resort entertainment from playing on the hot sand, getting the pleasure to both adults and children. Over time, players began to organize Amateur tournaments. People so much like this sports discipline, so it was decided to make it official. Now beach football has the World Championship, where teams from different countries compete with each other. To increase interest, many people prefer to bet on beach soccer.

    The rules of beach soccer

    Currently, the most popular sport in the world is football, so, naturally, there are various forms of it. Beach soccer is the latest among them. As a professional sport, this discipline was born only in 1992, in Brazil, when the first formal set of rules was written. In General, it includes all the basic rules of regular football (you must score as many goals against the opponent in the allotted time), with rare exceptions:

    • First, it plays on the sand, and it is a defining feature of the sport, as the sand – more severe environment compared to grass. For this reason, the field is much smaller; the duration of the match reduced to thirty-six minutes (three periods of twelve minutes).
    • Second, each team consists of five players who play barefoot. Currently, the worldwide are many international and local events, which is good news for those who are interested in betting on beach soccer – you can always find a match .

    The most common types of bets on beach soccer

    To date, the most popular types of bets on beach soccer are:

    • Outcome. We need to predict the winner or a draw.
    • Total. Is determined by the total number of goals scored in a match.
    • Handicap. The underdog receives a small advantage.
    • Other. Bet on the winner of the tournament, the individual total, the outcome of a specified period. 

    To place a bet on beach soccer, you must first register on the bookmaker’s website. The user is prompted to complete a short contact form, create a username and password, and then confirm the account. When the account filled up, select the event and bet a certain amount. The website is suitable for both: beginners who are eager to make soccer predictions and for the experienced users.  

    Beach football betting tips

    Betting on beach soccer will only be profitable if you approach them wisely. For example, while making soccer predictions, you should not rely solely on statistical data. As practice shows, in major tournaments, often sensation occurs. Beach soccer bets are less predictable than standard discipline. It is known that fans usually watch matches on television and massively go to the support of the team. So here, the home field dramatically affects the final result. The lineups are always changing. It is necessary to track not only the results but also to understand who scores the most goals. The player’s value is incredibly crucial because often only the performers determine the outcome of the matches. If there are no such athletes, the chances of success are much smaller. 

    Licensed bookmakers
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    Want to bet on a beach soccer match? Then we recommend contacting a licensed company from our bookmakers ratings with great offers, a full-line, generous bonuses, no big withdrawal restrictions, the ability to bet on your mobile phone, and many other advantages.


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