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Basketball betting
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    Basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting. This is due to a number of reasons:

    • championships and tournaments are held around the world and year-round (you can bet and win without seasonal breaks);
    • bookmakers offer a wide list of markets and attractive odds;
    • the specifics of match and tournament confrontation allows you to use a wide selection of strategies.

    But betting on basketball, like on any other sport, will bring good luck and financial benefit only if it is good to understand this type of betting.

    The rules of basketball

    Basketball is an outdoor sports game where the ball is used. Two teams meet on the court, the goal is to throw the ball into the opponent’s ring. The basketball team consists of twelve people, five of whom may be on the court at the time of the game. The ball is played only with hands; use of the feet is prohibited. Also, you can not carry the ball in your hands across the field without hitting it on the floor – this is considered as a foul. The basketball game consists of four periods, each of which lasts ten minutes. The game consists of four periods but their time depends on the basketball association (10 or 12 minutes). There are short breaks between the periods.

    Basketball Betting Strategies

    Nowadays, bets are made on everything, and due to this, the possibility to earn money increases. In sports, the most famous game, which is increasingly being bet, is basketball.

    Basketball Betting

    In basketball, any bookmaker offers different types of bets. After all, betting can be done on almost everything: tournaments, leagues, championships, etc. The most popular North American league is NBA and WNBA. The European league and championships of national importance come next. Also, bookmakers offer to bet on tournaments of the World and European Championships, and on the Olympic Games.

    Here are some types of basketball bets.

    • Betting on a winning team
    • Betting on the victory with a handicap
    • TOTAL Betting – Under / Over
    • Bet on the victory in the first quarter;
    • Bet on the victory of the first half;
    • Outright bet in a league, championship, or tournament.

    Also, betting on something or someone specific is also found. For example, which player hits the basket, or the confrontation between certain players or even teams. They even bet on a score of which a particular team can win.

    Basketball betting tips

    1. There are only 5 players in one basketball team on the court, and no more than 10 people usually play for the entire match. That’s why when choosing a bet on basketball, you should pay close attention to the analysis of statistical materials for each player. Take into account the physical condition, the main statistical indicators, the time that the player spends on the court.
    2. No other factors should be discounted when planning basketball bets – the club’s standings, team motivation, match density, results of personal meetings, venue of the game. Due to the fact that games are often held in regular championships, it is possible to collect detailed information for each basketball player or club of your choice.
    3. In the list of basketball meetings, there are a large number of totals. This is explained by a considerable number of statistical indicators that can be tied to this rate. Totals are accepted both for individual quarters, and for the entire match, and the number of penalties, fouls, and three-point goals, etc. A positive feature for the bettor is the absence of a noticeable dependence of the bet on fluke goals, which in football or hockey are of great importance.

    How to bet on basketball

    In general, the action line on basketball is inferior in width to football since the main emphasis here is on total and a handicap. European competitions, like EuroLeague, Eurocup, EuroChallenge or FIBAEurope often have a greater margin compared to overseas ones, so the odds are more modest here.

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    Players use different approaches to the game. Some win on totals, others prefer to play live. The applied methods of the game may vary depending on various competitions and even varying stages of the same tournament or league. We list the most popular basketball betting strategies, and then talk more about each of them:

    • calculation of average total;
    • chase;
    • ordinaries;
    • accumulator.

    The correct calculation of the average total is based on the statistics of the teams. First, analyze the last meetings of both clubs in the current season. Take, for example, 7 matches, determine the number of points in each game and summarize, and then divide by the number of meetings. Here you need to be careful – perhaps at the beginning of the season, the team scored less, and now it is gassed. 

    Having received the average performance, we add three points to the home team. Then for each victory in the last 7 matches, we add one point for loss – subtract 1.5 . Similarly, count points for a rival team. You get two numbers- for guests and hosts. Add and divide by 2. Thereby, we get the average result of the match.

    Licensed bookmakers
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    The easiest way is to take statistics directly on the bookmakers website. Usually, all the necessary information for each tournament is stored here. It is enough to analyze both teams.

    How to bet on NBA basketball

    Basketball is one of the most exciting and dynamic sports. The situation on the court can change very quickly. Literally, in one minute or even several seconds, a team behind the score can gain the lead. The main stars of the NBA earn tens of millions of dollars a year, ahead of representatives of most other sports, even such popular ones as football or hockey. Many betters consider basketball to be the most convenient sports for betting. There are many explanations for this. Firstly, a large number of matches. If the leading football clubs usually spend 2 games a week, while basketball players play 3-4 times. In the NBA, teams play games even in the New Year. The second important feature is a lot of equally probable events (total, handicap). And this provides good opportunities for stable earnings.

    NBA basketball

    It can be difficult for a novice bettor to figure out how to bet on basketball on the fly – there are many nuances here. Read the article, and you will get acquainted with different types of bets, NBA odds, strategies used by players, various pitfalls.

    Where to bet on basketball

    A professional player or bettor never has questions about betting companies. Those who are just starting to bet on sports can face some difficulties. Keep attention to the top-rated betting companies that have proven themselves in the market:

    The first thing to pay attention to is an independent review of the bookmaker. The bookmaker review must contain objective information with specific figures and facts. Information without specifics is a sign of poor review.

    The second is an independent study of complaints and reviews about the bookmaker. The policy of the bookmaker, its line, and bonuses are changing, so it is important to find fresh comments about the company.

    Thirdly, the security of payment data. This is an excellent criterion to understand which company is better. The best bookmakers do not delay payments and do not freeze customer accounts supposedly for re-verification.

    After legalizing the online betting market, the best betting companies received a license, that is, their customers are protected by law, not by the authorities. Proven bookmakers guarantee payouts, fair trials, transaction transparency, and no blocking.

    NBA Betting Tips

    Total basketball betting is perhaps the most beloved among the players. Here you need to correctly predict whether the total number of points scored by two teams is higher than a given level (Total Over) or not (Total Under). This rate is equally probable. If totals at the level of 2.5 are usual in football, then in basketball, we see entirely different indicators: 155, 160, 165. For a match, two teams gain in total from about 120 to 230 points.

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    Live basketball bets are popular with many experienced players. A quick and adequate response to the current change in the situation on the site allows the bettor to make a profitable bet with a high coefficient. Basketball has a definite advantage here. The match lasts four periods, which means that the player has more opportunities. Even if your bet did not play in the first or second period, you could recoup in the last. Another interesting feature – you can bet not on the whole match, but only on one period. If the bet is played, you can close this match and move on to other events.

    How to make a successful basketball betting: tips and basketball betting strategies for beginners

    Betting on basketball markets is quite profitable. Firstly, there are many offers every day in different tournaments. Secondly, there are effective strategies for this particular discipline that allow you to increase the money in a short time.

    Before betting on sports, basketball, in particular, it is important to analyze and make a forecast for the upcoming match. To make the most reliable assumptions about the outcome of the match, it is necessary to take into account many different factors, including the physical form of the players, an understanding of how important the game is for the team, statistics of face-to-face meetings of the teams, the site of the game-  at home or away.

    Basketball betting in Cyprus will bring you a lot of fun if you choose one of the bookmaker from out rating. All those companies have licenses to conduct their activities. They offer many options of money deposit and withdrawal, attractive bonuses, and high- quality customer support  services.

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