Badminton betting

Badminton betting
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    Many people play badminton and consider this kind of sport to be just entertainment. Nevertheless, professional badminton players have excellent abilities and high skill.

    Badminton competitions attract a significant audience, and the world’s best athletes have a considerable number of fans. Badminton betting is also very popular and can be profitable if you have an understanding of this sport.

    The rules of badminton

    A badminton game is similar to tennis in many respects. It is also played between two players (singles play), or between pairs of players (doubles play). They are located on opposite sides of the net which runs the entire width of the court. Instead of a ball, as in tennis, players use badminton rackets to throw a shuttlecock over the net. In this game, it should not touch the surface of the court cover, else the touch will be counted as a point. To win in badminton you need to score 21 points. The athlete who makes this first is a winner.

    Points in badminton can be obtained in the following situations:

    • if there was a touch of a shuttlecock of the court’s surface on the side of the opponent;
    • in case of an opponent’s foul;
    • if after competitor’s serving the shuttlecock flies out of the court without touching its surface;
    • if the shuttlecock was not served;
    • if the opponent touches the net with any part of the body.

    If both players score 20 points at a time, then the set will be continued until the gap of 2 points will be reached, or in some competitions up to 30.

    How to bet on badminton

    Bookmakers offer live badminton betting during the tournament. Thanks to them, bettors can bet in real-time, watching the online broadcast of the badminton match. Your bet will be profitable only if you are well prepared and have already made the necessary forecast. For winning bets, it is also necessary to correctly assess the capabilities and strength of athletes.

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    In the early stages of the tournament, you can often see excellent players not having a big name yet. You need to make out such athletes as early as possible, as bookmakers often underestimate them. If you want to bet on an outsider, do this only at the beginning of the competition.

    Always pay attention to the odds when a game line appears. Often, bookmakers do not take enough time to make complex analysis so that the bettor can find too many value bets in the line.

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    As in all sports, there are some nuances. So, for example, in 2014, the famous athlete Lee Chong Wei was disqualified for doping use. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be completely insured against such unpleasant situations.

    Where to bet on badminton

    After you learn about the features of badminton betting, you will only have to find the best place to do this. On the one hand, Asian bookmakers look promising, since badminton is more popular there and they offer a significant number of events and proposition bets. But these bookmakers are not always convenient for gamblers from other countries.

    Therefore, it is much more reasonable to choose a bookmaker that offers a good variety of badminton bets and the highest badminton odds. An additional advantage will be the availability of badminton broadcasts on the website of the bookmaker (by the way, badminton tournaments are often broadcast on special channels and advanced bookmakers always purchase such broadcasts for their own users) and the presence of additional options such as player statistics and tournament schedules. All of these advantages are provided by the sites presented in our Bookmakers rating tab, where you can watch badminton and make bets both in live mode and before matches, including make stakes on the winners of not only particular games but on the whole tournaments as well.

    Badminton betting types

    The basic types of badminton bet are:

    • Outcome  (winner, game or match).
    • Total (more or less amount of one or another parameter relative to the value set by the bookmaker).
    • Handicap (a victory in a game or a draw with a certain difference; it’s not difficult to understand, game bets in badminton are accepted only on odds +1.5 or -1.5).

    In addition, bookmakers often take bets on the winner or finalist of the tournament. Moreover, there are special bets like the winner of the next draw or game score in a match.

    Badminton competitions are held in three different categories the same as tennis. The athletes compete for singles, doubles and mixed titles. Betting for each is different and has certain specifics. Therefore, we will further analyze each option in more detail.

    Badminton Single Betting

    Singles are the most popular in badminton. The prize pools are higher here (although badminton doubles are also highly regarded by tournament organizers) and there are the most famous athletes with lots of fans. It’s mainly about Asian athletes.

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    The tournaments show the highest motivation and the most relevant are the bets on the favorites and on the strongest athletes who earn the most awards and rating points during the competitions. Just as in many individual sports, the psychology of each athlete, motivation and current physical form are essential here.

    Doubles betting in Badminton

    Badminton is played not only in singles but also in doubles, like tennis. Men’s and women’s teams play in doubles, which can be formed in different ways. The teams that specialize only in doubles badminton competitions can play here and they are more organized and professional in this category. In addition, teams can be formed specifically for individual tournaments, since athletes want to get more playing practice in the tournament or have some extra motivation to participate in doubles.

    Even if a team consists of players who have separately higher ratings in singles compared to the opponents, they may be uncoordinated and, as a result, less effective in doubles. However, sometimes bookmakers can evaluate double teams exactly by a single player rating and you can use this since sometimes this is a reassessment of chances.

    Badminton mixed betting

    In badminton, competitions are also possible in the mixed category, meaning games between teams that consist of a man and a woman. For the most part, bettors do not take such competitions seriously, since:

    • such teams are often created spontaneously,
    • there are no exact teams ratings in the mix,
    • prize money, and, accordingly, motivation is lower in comparison with both doubles and singles events.

    Nevertheless, in some ways, mixed bets are interesting, although to make winning bets you will need to have practical experience.  With no experience it’s hard to understand the game process and scoring. We are talking about the frequent presence of large score gap and the frequent changes of the score in mixed badminton competitions. You can use this if you have a preliminary analysis of the commands.

    Badminton betting strategies

    Due to the low popularity of this sport, there are very few tactics. Most commonly, bettors use the following:

    • Bet on the athlete who won the first set. According to statistics, in 80% of cases, the match is won by the player who won in the starting set. However, you should not bet on minor tournaments and women’s games. In this case, the strategy will not work. 
    • Bet on the underrated badminton players. You should analyze the game of sportsmen and choose not the most popular in the media. Betting is made on success in sets.
    • Total on favorite in the set. The quote for the favorite’s victory should be no more than 1.52. You need to make a bet in the Live mode until the opponents have scored 8 points.
    • Arbs. Tactics will suit bettors working with 2 or more bookmakers. You need to select several competitions and compare their coefficient. Events with different coefficients are suitable for betting. In the case of first bookmaker, a bet is made on the favorite, in the second – on an outsider. For any result, the bettor will remain in the black and will be able to cover losses.

    Badminton betting tips

    Players often have a recession and peak during the season, many of them prefer individual tournaments, the largest number of sportsmen are better in home tournaments. Analyzing the prospects of each individual player is much more convenient than analyzing the whole team. Therefore, based on statistics and current news, badminton analysis allows you to choose the best rates.

    A badminton match lasts, as a rule, about 40 minutes and during this period you can make a significant number of various bets, for example, on the winner of the set, or on the total in a separate set and so on. As a result, in badminton, you can play a much larger number of bets compared to other sports. 

    Badminton leagues and competitions, major events

    Since 1992, badminton has become an Olympic sport. Today, players from China and Indonesia stand out the most, and athletes from Northern Europe and American sportsmen follow them.

    Most often bookmakers offer bets on these competitions:

    • World Badminton Federation Competitions
    • World Super Series Tournament
    • Tournament Golden Series World Grand Prix
    • World Cup
    • European Cup

    These tournaments always take place in the action line and have a wide list of events for betting.

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