Best football betting strategies in 2020

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    Betting strategies in gambling are one of the methods to stay in the profit, and more or less consistently earn on betting. After all, the tactics of chaotic play, which are often used by novice players, calls into question the profit from bets.

    The need to apply a strategy for sports betting in the analysis of the game over a long distance is particularly well manifested. Statistics show that even professional, calm, experienced, and trained players do not always make winning bets. A reliable football betting strategies for them acts as a kind of safety net because it allows them to minimize the risk of losing the whole bankroll and cover the loss from an unlucky occasion. This also makes betting profitable activity that brings not only pleasure but also earnings and profit.

    Types of strategies

    Let’s take a closer look at football betting strategies that have a right to exist. Whether they are effective or not, either they’re out of date or innovational — it’s up to you!

    Strategy bets for the outcome 

    The strategy of betting for the outcome in football is the most understandable and accessible method for new betters to play against bookmakers. At the very beginning of sports betting, this was one of the few ways that existed at that time to earn through sports events.

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    To understand how to bet for the outcome of a match according to the appropriate strategy, we will determine what the outcomes of sports events in football are:

    • P1—the victory of team 1 or the home team.
    • P2—the victory of team 2 or guests.
    • X—draw.

    You can bet on any of these outcomes or choose another interesting option – a double outcome (this strategy is also popular in football.)

    Fixed profit betting strategy

    The fixed profit strategy is very similar to the fixed interest strategy (flat). The difference in tactics is that:

    1. Flat – this is the determination of the rate as a percentage of the bankroll. That is, a certain percentage of the initial investment amount is allocated for each match (1%, 2%, 3%). And the win will depend on the coefficient.
    2. A fixed profit is a focus on a specific amount of winnings. But the amount of the bet itself changes every time in order to get this profit.

    The fixed profit betting strategy in football is rarely used by players. Although to diversify sports betting and get additional experience, it is quite suitable.

    Draw betting strategy 

    The strategy of betting on a draw or against a draw unfairly enjoys low popularity. This is because most betters do not like to bet on the outcome of X, which is the result of a rather “sluggish” match. But if you take your mind off the excitement and turn on logical thinking, betting on a draw in football is quite an interesting and profitable strategy.

    Everyone knows that predicting a draw is a difficult task. Especially for analysts of bookmakers, who often do not have enough time to pay close attention to all sports events. Therefore, bets on draws often have inflated coefficients — usually not less than 3, often higher than 5—6. And this is taking into account the fact that draws happen in 25% of football matches. Therefore, from the point of view of the predictor, the strategy of betting on sports (football) on a draw can bring a good income in the long run.

    Betting strategy for a draw – using the chase

    The system of chase in betting is used everywhere, and bets on the equal play are no exception. However, statistics of football matches show that it is dangerous to use chase betting tactic:

    1. First, you can easily get to a series of matches that end with any result but equal. In this case, the bank won’t be stretched enough for continuous betting. 
    2. Second, the profitability of such a long—distance betting method is about a quarter of the investment. This is not much, given the high risk of bank draining.

    However, players who bet that bet on the draw not thoughtlessly, but carefully selecting championships, matches, and teams, achieve good results by applying chase tactic.

    Betting strategy for a draw – the use of trains and systems

    It is extremely unprofitable to use bets on draws for drawing up express bets since the probability of such an outcome is low. And by combining draws in express, the bookmaker only reduces their chances of winning.

    But the system of express trains in this regard is quite viable. In this case, you need to choose the 5 most confident draw with a coefficient of not less than 3.17 and combine the best in pairs in 10 Express (1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 2+3, 2+4, 2+5, 3+4, 3+5, 4+5). In this case, the KF of the Express will be 10, and the system will pay off if at least 2 matches out of 5 ends in a draw. If more — the gain will be significant, but it happens very rarely.

    Betting strategy against the favorite or betting on outsiders

    Betting against the favorite may seem absurd, illogical, and initially losing. But only for a beginner in betting. Experienced players know that the strategy of betting on the outsider can bring no less, and often even more profit than the tactics of betting on the leader.

    The essence of the sports betting system against the favorite is that the possibilities of obvious competition outsiders are often underestimated by bookmakers’ analysts. Low coefficients are given on leaders, and big ones on underdogs. In this case, the favorites often play in a draw, and motivate outsiders win in an important match. Therefore, the strategy of betting on an outsider, especially in football, has great potential and deserves the attention of both experienced bookmakers and beginners.

    Features of the strategy of football betting against the favorites

    Betting strategy against the favorite or leader is the most relevant in football. After all, in this sport, such an outcome as a draw (X) is possible. And bookmakers, first of all, provide a wide list of many football events, in which you can easily find a very high coefficient on the desired outcome. And secondly, bookmakers analysts do not always manage to qualitatively and fully analyze all upcoming football events. Therefore, bookmakers, counting on the leadership status of the team, gives on a draw or a victory of its opponent good coefficients.

    However, there is one important aspect of this whole topic with the strategy of betting on underdogs in football. The bookmaker must be well versed in the relevant sport in order to find really promising bets. After all, an outsider strategy, without proper professionalism in the approach, will be as unprofitable or financially neutral in the best case.

    Bets on corners in football

    The strategy of betting on corners in football matches is not as popular as betting on wins, draws, totals, and handicaps. But professional betters, with good analytical skills and knowledge of team characteristics, use this strategy quite often and successfully.

    The strategy for the market is simple to understand, which does not require any complex mathematical calculations, the use of formulas. In this case, you only need to predict whether there will be corners in the match. However, this is the difficulty as few bookmakers understand football well enough to conduct high—quality preliminary or live analytics and predict whether there will be corner kicks, and what will be their number.

    Types of strategies for betting on corners in football

    Not all betters know that there are several types of corner bets:

    1. Strategy for corners in a match: a bookmaker bets on the total number of corners that can occur during a particular match or on the total number of corners of a certain team.
    2. Strategy for total corners: a bookmaker bets on the total number of corners, but taking into account the numbers offered by the bookmaker. For example, bookmakers has a line bet on the corner total bet 2, that is, the analysts of the office, offer the bookmaker to bet that the total number of corners during the match will be more than 2. The total can be either higher than a specific value, or less.
    3. The strategy of corner IT (individual total) is the same as betting on total, but only the corners scored exclusively by a certain team or a specific player are taken into account. In the eyes of the majority of bookmakers, there is a significant choice of IT on bets on famous forwards.

    Whatever strategy a bookmaker chooses for the match, they must carefully analyze the statistics of the teams, their motivation, and even the weather conditions during the match.

    The strategy of betting on handicaps in football

     Firstly, let’s clarify what handicap in betting is. Handicap is a conditional advantage in goals, which the bookmaker conditionally gives one of the teams before the start of a match. The point of it is to equalize the chances of teams to win in a case where the forces are obviously unequal.

    Experienced players are advised not to abuse the odds unnecessarily. Therefore, this betting strategy should be considered not as the main option for earning money through betting, but as a backup or an alternative. For example, if you really want to make a bet, but you understand that the risk is either too high or low, then you can use the odds to insure or increase profits.

     What are the odds and how to bet correctly?

     You can only bet correctly if you are aware of types of existing odds, their application, and the time of it:

    1.  Negative, for example, handicap (—1) is a bet usually made when a favorite and an outsider compete, and the goals are conditionally taken away from the leader of the match.
    2. Positive, for example, handicap (+1.5) is the advantage of 1 or more goals an outsider scores. It is also used when the opponents are equal. In personal meetings, there are no high—profile wins, and the wins of a particular team are simply unpredictable. Of the positive ones, the most popular are +1 and + 1.5. The first one gives the team a win, even if, in reality, the match ended with a score of 0: 0. And the second makes the team a winner in bookmakers even when it lost on the field, but with a minimum score.
    3. Zero handicap (0) is used when the odds of outcomes 1X or x2 are too low, and the bookmaker is not sure about the net victory. If the bookmaker wants to take a risk, they can take a win with a zero handicap, then in the case of X, the bet will simply be returned.


    The strategy of betting on odds, especially in football, assumes that the bookmaker bets on a certain result not randomly, but as deliberately as possible.

     Live football betting strategies

     Live betting strategy for football and other sports is relatively new in betting. It requires not only an excellent knowledge of sports but also a quick reaction, the ability to navigate the situation in time. That is, depending on how the match goes, the coefficients of certain outcomes change as they both rise and fall. The player must be able to quickly analyze the situation on the field, the balance of forces, and make the most profitable bet on the most profitable coefficient.

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     Not all bookmakers are able to use the live betting strategy. Here it is necessary to understand a certain sport, for example, football, and also to have a sensible, pragmatic mindset and not to succumb to the adrenaline wave. If not, you should bet in live mode based on the forecasts of a proven capper.

     Features of the strategy for sports in live

     What you need to have, know, and be able to use is the live betting strategy:

    1.  The first thing you need is access to a live broadcast of the event. Television transmission, in this case, is not quite suitable, since there may be delays in the playback of results in a few tens of seconds. So you better could have spent that time thinking about the situation. It is better to choose an Internet broadcast of events with a high—speed Internet connection or in a sports bar.
    2. The second necessary thing is a thorough analysis of the statistics of the playing teams, as well as their real state on the day of the match—the composition, position in the standings, motivation, and other important aspects. All this will make a big difference at the stage when the bookmaker decides whether to bet or not.


    Basically, compliance with these two points is enough to apply the strategy to the sport in live with substantial success.

    Simple betting strategy

    In any sports match, the number of goals scored by opponents is called total. Bets on total are among the most popular with bookmakers.

    Accordingly, strategies for betting on football, namely the number of goals scored, can be found on numerous resources on the Internet. We want to generalize and systematize information.

    The total football betting strategy is the simplest one. 

     For analytics, the main goal is to make a forecast that will come true in one of the options offered by the bookmaker. Betting on total is the easiest thing to do. To understand the strategy “Total” for football, you do not necessarily need to have a deep knowledge of mathematics. Not only is it necessary to bet in this way, but there is also no need to study sports statistics. If you are new to betting or just haven’t had time to analyze the upcoming match thoroughly, then the total will be the best solution. Of course, there is a category of players who spend a lot of time calculating possible outcomes, but many experienced bookmakers claim that this is normal guessing of the outcome, and betting strategies do not work.

    However, strategies for betting on total still cannot be discarded. Some professional cappers specialize in this type of betting. They explain this by the fact that the bet on the number of goals is more predictable than the choice of the outcome of the match. In addition, it is not necessary to guess the exact number of goals.

    The most attractive odds, as a rule, are put just before the starting whistle, because it is not clear what scenario will be probable. Of course, in the course of the meeting, adjustments will be made to the quotes.

     «The forks» – a win is guaranteed

    In relation to bets on total, and it is better to use the strategy of “the forks”. Its meaning is that in different bookmakers in the course of the game, the odds on the total can have different values. In this case, the bookmaker should act as quickly as possible and carefully monitor the changes in the coefficients. The most attentive and experienced players, using this strategy, can increase the winnings twice.

    We add that thanks to the strategy of betting on total whereby you can bet on events about the participants of whom there is almost nothing known. For example, in a number of African Championships, quite a large number of goals are scored.

    Football betting strategy “Ladder”

    Any bookmaker can use this simple betting strategy. Ladder betting strategy is the strategy that does not involve complex calculations and incomprehensible formulas. Additionally, you do not need to be a great expert. In addition, you do not need to search the Internet for a suitable option. But with the help of this strategy, each player can realize a cherished dream to win a considerable jackpot without any risk.

    Football betting strategy "Ladder"

    By analyzing the football betting line, you can find matches where the probability of a certain event is almost 100 percent. However, the coefficients for such outcomes are scanty, for example, 1.1. It turns out that to have a significant profit, you need to invest a serious amount, but this option is not for us, because we intend to bet a little and get a lot.

     What is the meaning of the “Ladder” strategy?

    1. We allocate $ 100 for the game.
    2. Bet on an event with a coefficient of 1.1.
    3. The bet is played, and the score is already equal to 110 dollars.
    4. The amount of the bet for tomorrow will already be $ 110 (for the same coefficient).
    5. When passing, we already have 121 dollars.
    6. It turns out that every day we go up one step of the ladder, making a bet with the whole bank on the event with a cap of 1.10.

    What do we have? At the initial stage, the bank’s growth will seem insignificant. After the first 10 days, its size will be equal to 235 dollars. But if a series of 30 successful forecasts is formed, i.e., within a month, it will be possible to find absolutely reliable events. As a result, we get 1586 dollars., at the beginning, there were 16 times less. Two months of such infallible actions will already bring 27680 dollars, and if you hold out one more, you will become the owner of about 500 thousand dollars.

    And that’s considering you started from a hundred dollars! After 3 months, you can stop, because nothing lasts forever.

     Of course, not everything is simple, as it seems at first glance. It happens that events with a negligible coefficient do not pass. And Barcelona might lose, for example, to Betis. Therefore, the most important thing is to learn how to choose the right super reliable outcomes. Can you think of any other method that can raise a $ 100 bank to half a million?

     The “Ladder” strategy has modification options:

     The 1st method. Start several ladders at the same time. At least one of them will last a couple of months. Of course, different events must be included in each rung. For example, with 10 ladders, you will have the right to make 9 mistakes.

     The 2nd method. Combination with the Dogon strategy. We start the next series and conduct it for 9 days, as a result of which we raise the bank to 214 dollars. We set aside the initial hundred dollars and start a new ladder with a profitable 114 dollars. If 9 days could not hold out, it is recommended to start the next series, already doubling the investment.

    That’s the whole secret of the described method. Yes, there is still a risk, but if you start several ladders at the same time, the chances increase.


     What are the most profitable sports bets? No one can answer this question unequivocally. Effective sports betting depends not only on the method used, but also on what forecast the bookmaker uses, how much their desire to earn is, and whether it is contrary to common sense.

     In any case, every player experimentally finds what can be called a “time—tested sports betting strategy”. We can only tell you what the winning methods of betting are, and how to use them as effectively as possible in practice.

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