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    There are dozens of things in the world that can be argued about forever. Probably one of such topics for debate may be the determination of the best male tennis player of all time.

    This is a really difficult question since there are many criteria by which an assessment can be made. And the personal factor in this situation should also not be discounted, because someone may like the game of the chosen player, but not the other. Thanks to this, it is hard to make an unambiguous conclusion about the top tennis players. But, the creation of TOP-15 tennis players is quite possible. Each player from this list is wonderful and famous in his own way, but one thing is common for all of these men – they are all famous tennis players.

    15. John Newcombe

    This is an incredibly effective single player who has seven Grand Slam (GS) wins:

    • Wimbledon – two times;
    • US championships – two times;
    • Australian championships – three times.

    In total, Newcombe has 68 titles received over his 13-year career. John also holds the doubles record in the twelve Grand Slam titles received while playing with his Australian friend Tony Rocher.

    14. Boris Becker

    This player may safely consider himself one of the most successful of all times. On the list of his victories are six GS wins:

    • Wimbledon – three times;
    • Australian – two times;
    • US Open – one time.

    Boris, in addition, got gold at the Olympic Games in Barcelona and defeated Andre Agassi in impressive 5 sets in 1989. Becker preferred to play in a tough attacking style, completing his attacks with the strongest shots made in the jump. This tactic has become a kind of calling card for this tennis player from Germany. Boris Becker was the coach of the famous modern for three years tennis player Novak Djokovic. Under his leadership, Djokovic had won six Helmets and collect the so-called Career Helmet. For his playing career, Baker was awarded 49 titles.

    13. Stefan Edberg

     Stefan Edberg

    Having started his career in 1983, this tennis player immediately began to achieve success. Stefan has won every Grand Slam tournament twice, namely:

    • Australian – two times;
    • Wimbledon – two times;
    • United States Open – two times.

    The main Boris Becker’s rival on the court. Stefano’s favorite trick was «serve-and-volley,» where, right after the second hit, he quickly advanced to the net. This caused an extraordinary effect and often brought him colorful victories. He was distinguished by his exceptional sporting nobility, and in honor of Stefan Edberg, even a special award was established – the «Gentleman of the Court.»

    12. Mats Wilander

     Mats Wilander

    An excellent tennis player who successfully dealt with all three surfaces. But still, Mats’ favorite soil for playing is clay. While the time of his activity, he received 33 titles and was able to become the winner of seven Grand Slams among which:

    • Australian – three times;
    • French – three times;
    • United States Open – one time.

    11. Ken Rosewall

    Ken Rosewall

    GS championships winner:

    • Australian – four times;
    • French – two times;
    • US Open – two times.

    In total, he won 23 prestigious tournaments. The time of activity of Ken is one of the longest in history. Ken Rosewall remained a living acting tennis legend for many years. Rosewall, a left-handed man, learned to play with his right hand since childhood, and due to his father’s diligence, he greatly succeeded in this. The result of such training was a backhand unique in its impeccability. This feature has become one of the strongest sides of his game. This player was never very athletic but redeemed the opponents’ physical strength with a very accurate and smart game. He could easily and quickly move around the court, and during his entire career did not suffer any serious injury. Ken Rosewall had excellent exposure and was always good-natured and modest, both on the court and in real life.

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    He was able to win the GS Cup at the age of 37, and this is still an amazing record. Rosewall left his professional career being 46 years old with 23 years of experience and with 133 titles. In the Tennis Hall of Fame since 1980.

    10. Andre Agassi

    Andre Agassi

    He opens the top 10 tennis players. Andre began to gain popularity near the end of the 80s of the XX century. Andre’s appearance and nature, in many ways, resembled the rock stars. Despite this image, Andre Agassi has proven during his 20-year career the title of a very dangerous opponent in tennis. Agassi has 61 titles and 8 victories in GS championships:

    • Australian – four times;
    • French – one time;
    • US Open – two times;
    • Wimbledon – one time.

    Andre Agassi, in addition, got a gold medal during the 1996 Olympic Games.

    Andre was trained by his father from an early age, and this player’s playing style combined quick and early hits on the ball, an excellent backhand in combination with a verified forehand. Such a combination, together with the ability to predict the actions of the opponent, allowed Agassi to become one of the most famous tennis players in the world.

    Besides his professional activities, Andre Agassi did a lot for the whole tennis community, which gives him admission to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011.

    9. John McEnroe

    John McEnroe

    The professional activity of this impulsive person lasted 24 years. While this time, he received over the hundred of career titles, and also won seven GS:

    • Wimbledon – three times;
    • US Open – four times.

    The basis of the McEnroe game style was a quick «serve-and-volley» with an immediate going to the net. In combination with a variety of attacks and amazing ingenuity, this style allowed John to be unsurpassed in the top men’s tennis players.

    This story will not be complete without telling about the extremely unrestrained character of John McEnroe, but as experts say, this is not the result of temper, but a subtle tactical calculation. With this technique, he perfectly pissed off his opponents. Of course, such a bright personality could not fail to deserve a place in the Tennis Hall of Fame, which was happened in 1999.

    8. Jimmy Connors

    This professional has a total of 174 titles, and won in eight GS championships, including:

    • Australian – one time;
    • Wimbledon – two times;
    • US Open – five times.

    In 1974, Jimmy had a stunning achievement of 99-4 and won three GS championships at once. After the 1970th, Connor still continued to be an impressive male tennis player until 1996, in which he ended his 24-year career.

    Jimmy Connors remained the number one in the world for a total of 268 weeks, which is the fourth-best result of all times. Jimmy also has an unbeaten winning record of 109 ATP tournaments in singles. Entered the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1998.

    7. Ivan Lendl

    Ivan Lendl

    One of the humblest tennis players ever. Ivan preferred to play from the backline using powerful and highly twisted strikes to achieve victory. This, combined with the incredible speed of movement on the court, allowed him to remain number one in the world for 4 years (270 weeks), which is still an unbeaten record among top tennis players. The player won eight GS championships:

    • Australian – two times;
    • French – three times;
    • United States Open – three times.

    Also, Ivan Lendl, for a long time, remained the champion in earned money – $21 million. During his 16-year career, the player received 44 titles and was honored to be in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2001.

    6. Bjorn Borg

    Bjorn Borg

    Here comes one of the most brilliant tennis players despite his short career. Borg left his professional activity at the age of 26 after playing seven years in total. This male player has achieved the victory of eleven GS championships, including:

    • French – six times;
    • Wimbledon – five times.

    The main feature of the Bjorn game was the very strong pulling of strings on the rackets to create highly twisted innings both on the left and on the right. For his manner of playing, based on a cold-blooded exchange of long-range strikes of the backline, as well as equanimity on the court, Bjorn Borg received the nickname «Iceman.»

    Also, Bjorn became the first player who achieved more than ten numbers of Majors (in the modern era, of course). He has 101 titles while playing career, the reputation of one of the top tennis players of all time, and a place in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987.

    5. Pete Sampras

    When this player retired in 2002, he was considered one of the best tennis players of all time. Of course, not everyone agreed with this judgment, but victory in 14 Grand Slam tournaments is a real record of that time. His spectacular battles with his opponent, Andre Agassi in the 90s, made that decade legendary for tennis. In total, the player had 64 titles that he earned over 14 years of his tennis career.

    As mentioned above, the player has won 14 Grand Slam tournaments, and in particular:

    • Australian – two times;
    • Wimbledon – seven times;
    • US Open – five times.

    Pete Sampras preferred an aggressive attacking style, which implies a frequent approach to the court net. He was able to enter his name in the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2007, by becoming a true champion in this style.

    4. Rod Laver

    This player retired a long time ago, and for this reason, it is hard to imagine how he would deal with modern tennis players now. But most likely he may do it very well. Rod was nicknamed «Rockets» and had over 200 career titles, including «Australian Sports Legend,» and this is still an absolute record among top male tennis players and in the history of this game.

    In the achievements of the GS tournaments, Rod Laver has 11 victories:

    • Australians – three times;
    • French – two times;
    • US Open – two times;
    • Wimbledon – four times.

    In his game, this player was able to achieve mastery in almost all aspects. He beat his opponents not only physically, but also thanks to a well-thought-out strategy.

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    In addition, Rod Laver became one of the first players who began to actively use the topspin with blows caused by an open racket. All this allowed him to adapt to any opponent and win even long matches of 5 sets in length.

    3. Novak Djokovic

    Over the past few years of his career, Djokovic has managed to prove that he is the best tennis player in the world. Most likely he will be able to win many more Grand Slam tournaments, but now he has 16 victories among which:

    • Australian – seven times;
    • Wimbledon – five times;
    • United States Open – five times;
    • French Open – one time.

    In his style of play, Djokovic is universal. The player can combine both an aggressive manner of play and powerful feeds of the backline. The most effective technique of Novak is a backhand made at high accuracy and speed. This player also plays well on all types of courts.

    2. Rafael Nadal

    If not the knee problems and a few wrist injuries, Rafael Nadal would have been able to get even more titles. This man is the best tennis player on the clay court, although some tennis fans dispute this decision. Nadal has 84 career titles and has also won 19 Grand Slam singles championships. These are:

    • French – twelve times;
    • United States Open – four times;
    • Wimbledon – two times;
    • Australian – one time.

    This player is also the 2008 Olympic gold medalist at the Beijing Games.

    Rafael Nadal is one of the most excellent and hardy tennis players for the entire existence of this sport. He plays mainly aggressively, and his crown technique is a strong blow with top rotation.

    1. Roger Federer

    Roger Federer

    103 career titles, 20 victories in Grand Slam tournaments, including:

    • Australian – six times;
    • French – one time;
    • United States Open – five times;
    • Wimbledon – eight times.

    For all that, Roger Federer is still an active player, and he can get even more titles. The number of victories in Grand Slam competitions is already a record in itself. Roger was the best tennis player in the world for 237 weeks, which is also another record of our time. The incredibly effective one-handed backhand game allows Roger Federer to remain a serious competitor to the top tennis players in the world, even at the age of 38.

    Some conclusions

    As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s hard to choose the best men’s tennis players of all time. Too many different factors influence the choice. Because of this, a lot of controversies and subjective opinions arise. About this list of the TOP-15 tennis players, it can be said with the confidence only one fact.

    All these athletes are united by a love to tennis and a desire to make it an increasingly popular and interesting sport. And they succeed in this.

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