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    The assignment of the best American football player of all time title in the fan environment always caused a lot of controversy.

    Some consider it a some kind of popularity contest, in which places are distributed not according to achievements, but friendship and promotion in the media. Whatever the case, the list of TOPs often includes the main current stars of the NFL. So here are the best and most famous American football players that should get to know first.

    14. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback)

    Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback)

    The 23-year-old Mahomes at once became the NFL season MVP. This player was the first player who deal with 3,000 yards in the first 10 games. The young quarterback scored 50 touchdowns per one season. For such achievements, Mahomes was recognized as one of the most talented players. He is the one who brought his team to the final and they almost won that game. Patrick is one of the most exciting top American football players, and there is no doubt that he will show even better results in near future.

    13. Philip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers, quarterback)

    Philip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers, quarterback)

    Not so long ago, Philip was able to lead the team at the highest stages of the championship. He proved himself to be named an elite NFL quarterback. You can look at the statistics of the NFL leaders on any time and any year and will always find Rivers among the leaders. Besides, in the whole history of the NFL, the Chargers quarterback takes eighth place in the ball yards. With Philip’s help, the team is strong, and enters the future with incredible optimism.

    12. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys, running back)

    Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys, running back)

    During his short career as a pro, Elliott ran over 4000 yards, having an average of 100 yards per game, with 28 long-range touchdowns.

    In his first season, Ezekiel Elliott scored 1631 yards (was the best in the league). In the next season, due to a six-game disqualification, was leading in the average number of yards per game (98), and in 2018 became a champion in the number of rushing yards (1434). Elliott made 21 catches at the play-action, which is the second best indicator among all the runners of season 2018.

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    Most likely, in the future, the NFL player will be able to become one of the most famous American football players and will show his fans an exciting and effective game.

    11. J.J. Watt (Houston Texans, defender)

    J.J. Watt (Houston Texans, defender)

    Watt, despite numerous injuries, is still one of the dominant forces in the NFL. Watching him is always a joy. Among other things, Watt presents a very rare caste of good and kind guys. When Houston suffered the apocalyptic shock of the hurricane, Watt became one of main benefactors of the city. In addition, there are dozens of stories dedicated to Watt’s participation in other people’s lives.

    Of course, true fans will never forget the season in which Watt was on equal level with Aaron Rogers for the MVP title and, in the opinion of many, even won it. And last year, Watt returned to the big game, same as to the Pro-Bowl and the All-Pro team, dealing with 16 sacks and 7 fumbles. To summarize, Watt again leads the league of TOP players, and this is really great.

    10. Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers, quarterback)

    Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers, quarterback)

    The first footballer from this list is already an example of a discussion between the fans about the rating. Rogers is considered an incredibly talented quarterback and often successfully proves this on the field. Aaron holds a number of records that confirm his high class. He won the Super Bowl, twice became the NFL MVP, and also twice entered the symbolic All-Pro (best of the best) team.

    Rogers missed most of the season due to an injury. The quarterback played five games, and in the sixth, he received a collarbone fracture and flew almost before the end of the season. The importance of Aaron for the team is evidenced by the fact that before his injury, Green Bay had four wins with one defeat. After his injury, the team played 10 games with a score of 3-7 and did not reach the playoffs. Rogers returned to one game at the end of the 2017 season but failed to lead his team to victory. If the quarterback avoids new injuries, the «Packers» will have a great chance to return to the relegation games again. For now, he is in the top 10 American football players of all time.

    9. Von Miller (Denver Broncos, linebacker)

    Von Miller (Denver Broncos, linebacker)

    One of the best defenders in the NFL, who holds a high standard throughout his career. Selected in a draft in 2011 under a second number, Miller immediately showed a brilliant game, winning the title of the best rookie-defender of the season and getting into the national team of Pro Bowl stars.

    Miller’s professional achievements also include getting into three All-Pro, and the pinnacle of Von’s career so far is winning the Super Bowl and the MVP Super Bowl title. This is incredibly cool for his position, given that in the entire history, which includes 52 matches, defense players received the title of MVP only 10 times, including Miller himself.

    Von is the leader and star of Denver, which confirms his status as the highest-paid defender in NFL history. Under a contract signed in 2016, Miller will earn $ 114.5 million over 6 years.

    8. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints, quarterback)

    Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints, quarterback)

    The 39-year-old Brees is considered the most underrated NFL player who did not receive the recognition and respect that he really deserves.

    Drew has tremendous talent and, at the same time, is a crazy workaholic and a model of professionalism.

    There is only one fact about Brees’s coolness – in the history of the NFL, quarterbacks only 9 times completed the season, exceeding the mark of 5,000 yards in the ball. In five cases out of nine, it was Drew Brees.

    Brees once won the Super Bowl, while becoming its MVP, once joined the All-Pro team and was twice named the best NFL attacking player of the season. Brees is an absolute record holder in the history of the NFL in the number of ball yards. In addition, Brees is the main good guy in the league, which is simply impossible to hate, no matter what team you support.

    7. Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams, Defensive Tackles)

    Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams, Defensive Tackles)

    Here comes the best defender of the 2017 season. Donald has been playing in the NFL for four years and already has an impressive collection of personal awards. Four times he was in the Pro Bowl team three times in the All-Pro team and had the title of best defender-rookie and one of the greatest American football players of the 2014 season.

    NFL footballers call Donald a player without a single weakness. He is smart, powerful, and purposeful. In defense, he knows almost everything and is ready to fulfill any task of his coaching staff. 2017 season, Aaron was the only defender who scored more than 25 sacks. Linemen frankly admit that they are unpleasant to play against Donald because he makes them look like clowns.

    6. Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams, running back)

    Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams, running back)

    And here is one of the best attack players. Gurley has been playing in the NFL for three years. As a team partner, he has already collected several honorary titles – two enters into the Pro Bowl team and one into the All-Pro team and the title of the best American footballer of the season 2015.

    In 2017, Gurley became the only NFL player who scored more than 2,000 scoring yards, and that was 35% of all yards of Rams for the season. In addition to the speed that many running backs have, Gurley combines incredible balance and ability to stay on feet. Todd is very difficult to knock down because he brilliantly keeps the balance and continues to move forward even after power tricks and grabs. Team partners say that for Gurley, they just need to open the gap for a breakthrough, and he will do the rest.

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    In order to understand Todd’s significance for Los Angeles Rams, the club just re-signed a contract with him, under which Gurley will earn $60 million over 4 years, thus becoming one of the highest-paid running backs.

    5. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers, running back)

    Bell, in his first season, showed that he could become a superstar. Being drafted at number 48 in 2013, Le’Veon had beaten the Steelers record by the number of productive yards for the season, obtained by the newcomer in the debut season. And the very next year, he enters into the All-Pro team (two times) and the Pro Bowl team (three times).

    Bell has an exciting style of play. When he receives the ball, he does not immediately rush into the breakthrough, but stops and waits for the gap to open. Many players note that such a manner requires tremendous patience. And the defenders say that even though Bell is standing, it is incredibly difficult to catch him because as soon as he notices the possibility of a breakthrough, he rushes at such a speed that they can only look at the number on his back. Also, he is first in the top 5 American football players.

    4. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons, wide receiver)

    Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons, wide receiver)

    Julio was drafted at number 6 in 2011. Having demonstrated the potential in the first season, Jones became better and better with every year. He twice got into the All-Pro team and five times in the Pro Bowl team. Over the past years, Julio confidently ranked among the TOP-3 receivers of the league.

    2017 season was the fourth in a row for Jones in which he scored more than 1,400 scoring yards. This is a repeat of the league record. Although the year ended unsuccessfully for Jones – he did not catch a pass in the final zone of the «Philadelphia» in the last minute in the playoff match, and that cost Atlanta a victory and getting into the final.

    Jones very much appreciated for his modesty, but 2018 summer, he unpleasantly surprised everyone by demanding a new contract with an increased salary. However, the previous agreement was valid for the next three years. Fans thought it was disrespectful to the club, especially with that uncaught pass in the playoff.

    3. Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback)

    Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback)

    «Philadelphia» really needed Carson. In order to draft it under the general second number in 2016, the Eagles immediately gave away five draft peaks stretched over three seasons. But the exchange was worth it.

    Wentz, in the first season, beaten several records of both the league and the team, fully meeting the expectations of bosses and fans of Philadelphia. In his second season, Carson began to play even better. Even though Wentz got the injury after 13 games of the season with a cruciate ligament rupture, he became the second in the league in touchdowns at the end of the season. Only the injury prevented Carson from becoming Super Bowl MVP because no one doubts that he would have led the Eagles to victory even more confidently than his counterpart Nick Fowles did.

    The main qualities of the Crown are fearlessness and composure. He is not afraid to run with the ball alone and does not panic when the defenders break through the linemen. To some extent, it was the fearlessness that played a cruel joke with Wenz as he got the cruciate ligament rupture, trying to enter the touchdown on his own.

    In the new games, Carson should show even brighter games and even more impressive achievements bringing «Philadelphia» to the highest places of NFL.

    2. Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver)

    Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver)

    For the past 3-4 years, Brown vies with Julio Jones for the title of Best NFL Receiver. And by the number of personal merits, Brown wins this fight. Being drafted in 2010 in the last round under 195 general number, Antonio began to play much better than was expected from him. Brown six times was in the Pro Bowl team and four times in the All-Pro team (by the way, the only player who got into the All-Pro team for the 2013-2017 seasons).

    The main feature of Antonio is his crazy ball tricks on the very edge of the field. Antonio, like any top-end receiver, is very hard to catch, and some NFL defenders jokingly say that Brown seems to be in some kind of video game where he is simply springing away from his rivals.

    One interesting fact is also associated with Brown. In a fan environment, there is a belief about the so-called «Curse of Madden.» It states that any player who will be on the cover of the Madden video game from EA will either fail the next season or will be severely injured and will not play at all. A week after that, «Pittsburgh» announced that Brown had left the team training camp due to injury. At the same time, neither the nature of the injury, nor the timing of the recovery, nor even the part of the body that Antonio injured was reported. The club shrugged off requests, saying that it was «a minor injury that is not even worth discussing.» And honestly, it’s better that it be so. Because without Antonio Brown, maybe the best American football player ever this game will be less vibrant.

    1. Tom Brady (New England Patriots, quarterback)

    Tom Brady (New England Patriots, quarterback)

    Without exaggeration, the most famous American football player in the world. Brady is as decisive for American football as Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James and Sidney Crosby are for their sports. Tom was selected in the 2000 draft under a distant 199 number, so Brady is officially considered the most successful draft pick in the history of the NFL.

    Brady’s list of regalia is impressive – five victories in Super Bowls, four MVP Super Bowl titles, three MVP NFL titles, 13 times he got into the Pro Bowl team, and three times in the All-Pro team. Already in his second season at the NFL, Brady, quite unexpectedly became the main quarterback for New England due to an injury to Drew Bledsoe, who started the season at the start. That time Tom led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl victory, becoming the youngest Super Bowl MVP in the history of the NFL.

    Despite all the successes and achievements, the attitude towards Brady from the fans is ambiguous. Someone considers him the greatest quarterback of all time. But some people think that Tom is an overly glorified player who does not disdain fraud (Brady was implicated in the scandal with the deflated balls in the final match against Indianapolis in 2015. It is easier to grasp and twist the deflated ball). But whatever the attitude of the fans, Brady is guaranteed title of the best American football player of all time, place in the NFL Hall of Fame and in books dedicated to the history of American football.


    This TOP-14 may come out somewhat controversially, and many fans would disagree with it. But it is worth considering that this is primarily a subjective opinion, and each has its personal list of favorite NFL players. One thing which can be said for sure is that the football players mentioned here are already the living legends of this sport.

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