9 Golden rules of sports betting

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    The bookmakers’ popularity is increasing every day. At the same time, many players manage to make decent money on sports betting.

    This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the victory of your favorite team while improving your financial condition. However, each bet should be as deliberate as possible. Everyone can learn a few simple rules of sports betting to make competent sports bets. To do this, you only need to learn how to control your emotions and skillfully manage the bankroll. Before you put on your own money, you need to study the coefficients and forecasts of experts carefully.


    Considering sports betting as a regular income is the biggest and most terrible mistake made by novice players. You can’t use bets to earn for a living. This can be a pleasant pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are a pro in sports and beat the bookmaker line, it should still be a pleasant hobby, bringing nothing more than additional income.

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    If you set a goal to earn an income on bets, then you will become bogged down in losses, debts, and depression. Of course, everyone considers himself the smartest (this is how our subconscious works), but, believe it, much more intelligent people have lost on the misconception that it’s possible to make a living by winning wagers. Think of betting as fun, or nice additional revenue, and following the simplest sports betting rules it’s a sure way to stay on top.

    #1 Choose the right bookmaker and keep practicing

    The very first step of any beginner player is choosing a bookmaker. This is an important step, as a correctly selected bookmaker is the key to a successful long-distance game.

    Below shown a couple of features the rightfully chosen bookmaker possesses:

    • Speed and convenient communication ways because sometimes you have to make a bet in a few seconds.
    • Good reputation and reliability because the limits and the actual payment of the winnings depend on this.
    • Guarantee of your privacy protection and transparent betting rules.
    • Welcome bonuses and offers are a big plus.

    After choosing a bookmaker, most rookies rush to replenish their balance and predict sports events. This is a gross mistake. Most likely, the bank will be drained very quickly. When a bookmaker is chosen, it is better not to rush, but to try to have some make-believe playing. Take a piece of paper and play on it. Record all the events, odds, and amounts that you would like to choose from this service provider. This way you can test your theories, analytical skills and calculation of the number of bets without using real money. Look at the result in a month or two. If you are positive on the draft paper and there is a positive trend, you can switch to real money: the likelihood that you will win is higher. Such training will save money, nerves, and will also give the opportunity to try out different strategies.

    #2 Understand the conception of bankroll distribution

    When the decision to switch to real money is made, you need to determine the amount that you are willing to risk. It’s impossible to guarantee the positive betting result, so inside you should be prepared for a loss of your invested funds. In any case you  should not bet the last money in the hope of a quick win. In the event of a one-time major loss or a series of unsuccessful bets, you may want to spend extra funds to win back your money. This should be avoided at all costs.

    One of the main sports gambling rules is to wait for some time and start all over again, being cool-headed and having forgotten the previous losses. The most frequent and, as a rule, a fatal mistake for your bank is the all-in bets. Such bets are made mainly on emotions and in the hope of catching luck. And luck is one of the last success factors in betting.

    the conception of bankroll distribution

    The flat strategy is one of the safest and easiest bankroll management tactics that minimizes the risk of a bank drain. The essence of the Flat strategy is that each bet has a clearly defined amount, usually 1-3% of the starting bank. As an example, a gambler deposited $1,000 to the gaming account and set the rate of 2%. So, from now on each bet on any sporting event will be the same amount — $20. Also, there is an improved flat option when the initial bank increases by 25%, the size of the fixed-rate also increases, for example, to 2.5% of the bank.

    #3 Find your own way to make event analytics

    The result of the vast majority of sporting events is not accidental. It sometimes seems strange that the favorite did not win or that the outsider could get a draw. But in fact, the result is natural. If you look at the statistics of the home games of the outsider, away matches of the favorite, the list of injured and disqualified players, their arrangement for the game, then everything immediately falls into place. A deep and comprehensive analysis will allow you to see more than just a team name and odds. You will have your own expert opinion, which is more reliable than any forecast.

    At first glance, this seems the same tedious and complicated as learning sports betting ruling: you have to spend a lot of time studying statistics and watching broadcasts. But, it is not necessary to cover everything at once. Start with something small: try to closely monitor one team, then another. After some time, you will accurately enough determine the outcome of matches in the league. This is true not only for football betting. You can use the same analytics for volleyball, hockey or tennis.

    #4 Make no-loss bets

    Predicting the result of the game to win against a bookmaker isn’t the only way. Bookmakers offer lines with a significant number of different situations.

    Licensed bookmakers
    Stoiximan logo

    You can bet on the number of corners, goals scored, yellow cards, on the keep possession percentage, on red cards or on the penalty kicks. If you are not sure about the team winner but are confident that goals in this game will be scored, then it makes sense to put more than 0.5 on the total. If at least someone scores in this match, you will receive a win. It may seem that such odds are for professionals. In fact, these are coefficients for observant and rational players. For some reason, sports betting over under rules strategies for beginners are silent about this approach. However, it allows betting with a higher probability of success, and the odds are often higher than the outcome of the entire match.

    #5 Don’t ignore the potential of express betting

    The easiest way to increase your winnings is to increase the number of events in one bet. The bookmaker is sure that the probability of simultaneous success at several bets is lower, therefore, it will multiply the odds inside the express. Thus, you will get an increased ratio.

    For example, a bookmaker can give a coefficient of 1.6 if more than two goals are scored in one match; and a coefficient of 1.4, if in another match a goal will be scored in the first half. If you take these events on the express, the cumulative ratio will be 2.24. Therefore, if there you are confident in the outcome of several events at once, it is better to take them by express. However, it is very important not to overestimate your abilities and follow online betting rules. The optimal number of events on the express is two or three. The probability of failure does not increase much, but the coefficient is not so bad.

    the conception of bankroll distribution

    Most beginners try to collect giant expresses from obvious favorites or events with low ratios. Of course, if we consider each match locally, it seems that only a miracle can make such a bet not win. But this impression is misleading. In fact, such expresses bring profit for any bookmaker.

    #6 Be competent and detail-oriented

    There are no trifles in sports. Be sure to follow the related news. The resignation of the coach, the delay of the aircraft, heavy rain during the match, financial debt to the players, a busy calendar, scandal in the press – all this can affect the result of any sporting event. This must not be overlooked.

    Also, it is very important not to neglect the forecasts of experienced analysts. Before you put on your own money, you need to monitor information about the upcoming match. Experienced sports gamblers claim that the likelihood of a successful outcome of an event largely depends on how well the player understands the features of the game. Objective forecasts of experts will help to make a deliberate bet.

    #7 Don’t forget to control your feelings

    It is important for bookmakers’ regulars to learn to control their emotions, skillfully use bonuses and correctly distribute the amount of the bank. The best assistant in the game is to become common sense, and not various emotions. Each player must understand that Fortune will not accompany him constantly. Even the most experienced player is not safe from losing. Therefore, one must accept defeat with dignity and calm.

    Don’t give in to emotions is crucial among other line betting rules. Although, it could seem to be obvious advice. But for some reason, the vast majority of players suffer exactly because of excessive emotionality. Develop a procedure for yourself in case something went wrong, write it on paper and follow it every time. The same is true for situations of sudden success. Don’t let emotions take over you in any case.

    #8 Decide on a strategy

    Be sure to choose a betting strategy. Chaotic bets that are not connected by any common logic, as a rule, create the income of the bookmaker. There are different betting strategies for beginners.

    All of them focus on the competent management of the bankroll and the sequence of rates. You can choose any strategy. The main thing is to adhere to the chosen one for some time. Some strategies work only with prolonged use and with a large number of bets. Frequent change of strategies can not only not improve the situation, but also significantly reduce the bank. In online betting, it’s better not to spread yourself too thin, but to choose one or two sports. It makes no sense to bet on tennis or football if you are an expert in volleyball. Focus on what you are sure of, so you’ll win more often.

    Some strategies used in betting are common to multiple gambling and even financial markets. Therefore, when betting on sports, it is useful to broaden your gambling perspective in general. This may be the beginning of creating your personal, unique winning strategy.

    Especially for beginners, it’s recommended to follow the long-term strategies leaving enough time to make up one’s mind and carrying minimal risks. This is a kind of test of your strengths and a chance to develop calm and balanced sports betting approach.

    #9 Choose the best sports for betting

    The best betting sport is the one you know the best. For example, if the meaning of the words “set” and «breakpoint» is unknown to you, then it is better not to bet on tennis. However, the most popular sport for betting in many countries is football. Its rules and terminology are understandable to almost every person, and in case you are not aware of something it’s easy and quick to figure it out.

    the best sports for betting

    Also, another advantage of football is that absolutely all popular bookmakers have a wide match and live line for this sport, as well as a rich list of bet types.


    If you plan to earn money by betting you will need to collect and analyze information, develop and use various strategies. Your interest in watching sports will grow. It’s best to work with the kind of sport that you understand, so as not to lose due to ignorance of any nuances.

    A list of simple bet game rules that can protect you from many mistakes:

    • Bet only on those sports that you know well.
    • Use bookmakers with high odds only.
    • Make a detailed analysis of the sporting event that you intend to bet on.
    • Act according to your own strategy. Do not make rash bets.
    • Do not bet more than 1-2% of the bankroll.
    • Live sports betting, long express (over four events), and I will watch this match bets are not recommended.

    It is important not to substitute the right calculation with emotions. If you lose, it is tempting to immediately make a new bet to recoup. This is a common mistake. The main thing is to make the next bet calmly and carefully, analyzing your mistakes. Much will depend on what bets you make and which strategy you follow.

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